Coffee Beans

Well hello there fwends! I can only apologise for the fact that I am a terrible person and have neglected you all somewhat for the past week or so. I hope you missed me.

Please excuse the hideous mess that is my room in the background - I have no excuse, I'm just lazy.

Today's post is a quickie to help me climb slowly back onto the blogging wagon - as much as I love rambling on the Internet to all of you, sometimes my inspiration runs a weeeeeeeny bit dry and the idea of writing a post is more of a chore than something I enjoy. Try not to cry out in sorrow following that last remark, you know how it is. Also I've recently been holed up in "The Cave" with a certain someone for a good few days now, and the idea of facing responsibilities other than who's going to buy the next bottle of wine has been far too daunting until now. To say I'm thrilled to be going to UCL is an understatement, but I'm really struggling to accept the fact that there's a billion and one boring things to do to prepare myself; there's only so much excitement one person can get from spending hours choosing the "right" bank account, and I'd really rather be drinking Cave wine. I digress.
To distract myself from these responsibilities my friend Em and I went shopping in Guildford yesterday. I told myself I wouldn't spend any money, but of course I have no self control and couldn't resist getting this cheeky top from Vero Moda. Is it just me or does the pattern look like coffee beans? Maybe I've been spending too much time at work.
I am now off for my first ever taste of sushi. Fingers crossed I don't ridiculously hate it. It sounds stupid but I really hope it's not too... fishy. You know, like sometimes Goats cheese can be too goaty? Or something.
I've got a couple more posts planned so fear not, regular posting will resume! Don't go changing.