Outft of the Week #8 Minkpink

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a crackin' week so far.

Close-up of Whistles necklace
Cheeky view of the back

T-Bar suede platform heels, Missguided (they look black in these photos but are really a dark navy)
Necklace, Whistles (old)
Ring, Tiffancy & co

Although I clearly don't look it in these photos, I am so effing happy with this dress! Got it for a mere £26 in the sale (instead of the original £65) with a cheeky 10% discount on top, so the bank manager inside of me was more than pleased to say the least. It's the perfect dress for this cool and slightly crappy British weather - I can get my legs out while they remain ever-so-slightly brown, but my breasticles and my arms are protected from the elements. I really really really like it and I'm so happy I bought it!!! Yay me.

I'm also super duper excited to wear this in the winter with tights, heeled boots and my favourite knee-length camel coat. And once I obtain these so far non-existence boots the socks will look cracking with them too.. minus the tights obviously. I may still be emotionally fragile but I'm not losing my marbles just yet.

I'm quite proud of myself today actually for being so flipping productive! I went to work for five hours, came home for lunch, made a mahoooosive chocolate cake which is currently cooling (pictures in a later post perhaps?), took these photos/wrote up this post and in a few minutes I'm off to wagamamas with some friends. Although obviously this break up is wubbish, I am feeling so much better thanks to my friends - they have literally been the best, and if any of them are bothering to read this then they should already know that they are seriously the coolest and I love them. Aren't I a soppy loser. Sorry.

In other news, did anyone watch the men's gymnastics Olympic final the other day? Team GB were robbed! Robbed I say! Also that Louis Smith is delicious and now that I am officially a single pringle ready to mingle, I will have him for my own. Probably.

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Until next time folks!