Calvin Klein Hudson Coated Canvas Satchel

RM 590

Coated Canvas, Trim: leather
Double handles with 6-1/2" drop
Detachable adjustable crossbody strap with 23" drop
Magnetic snap closure
All-over signature print; side snaps for shaping
Interior features zip pocket and 2 slip pockets
14-1/2" W x 11-1/2" H x 4-1/2" D

1 unit Available in Black *Ready Stock*
1 unit Available in Khaki *Ready Stock*
1 unit Available in Brown *Ready Stock*

Outft of the Week #8 Minkpink

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a crackin' week so far.

Close-up of Whistles necklace
Cheeky view of the back

T-Bar suede platform heels, Missguided (they look black in these photos but are really a dark navy)
Necklace, Whistles (old)
Ring, Tiffancy & co

Although I clearly don't look it in these photos, I am so effing happy with this dress! Got it for a mere £26 in the sale (instead of the original £65) with a cheeky 10% discount on top, so the bank manager inside of me was more than pleased to say the least. It's the perfect dress for this cool and slightly crappy British weather - I can get my legs out while they remain ever-so-slightly brown, but my breasticles and my arms are protected from the elements. I really really really like it and I'm so happy I bought it!!! Yay me.

I'm also super duper excited to wear this in the winter with tights, heeled boots and my favourite knee-length camel coat. And once I obtain these so far non-existence boots the socks will look cracking with them too.. minus the tights obviously. I may still be emotionally fragile but I'm not losing my marbles just yet.

I'm quite proud of myself today actually for being so flipping productive! I went to work for five hours, came home for lunch, made a mahoooosive chocolate cake which is currently cooling (pictures in a later post perhaps?), took these photos/wrote up this post and in a few minutes I'm off to wagamamas with some friends. Although obviously this break up is wubbish, I am feeling so much better thanks to my friends - they have literally been the best, and if any of them are bothering to read this then they should already know that they are seriously the coolest and I love them. Aren't I a soppy loser. Sorry.

In other news, did anyone watch the men's gymnastics Olympic final the other day? Team GB were robbed! Robbed I say! Also that Louis Smith is delicious and now that I am officially a single pringle ready to mingle, I will have him for my own. Probably.

You can hype this look on Lookbook HERE
Until next time folks!

Strawberry Fields

Urban Outfitters August 2012 Look Book

Alma Latina

Julia Frauche by Eric Guillemain for Vogue Brazil, August 2012

Meet the team - a mannequins make up

Like the true celebrity of the mannequin world that I have become Dear Reader, I am thrilled to be surrounded by the industry's finest technicians who truly keep my fibre glass in tip-top condition. Possibly only Victoria Beckham can command a beauty team as skilled and determined as mine -hence I am forced to be somewhat clandestine about their identity - for fear of poaching!

I have the most fabulous body man - a discreet Italian who is the best in the industry when it comes to my seasonal rub down and spray job. Using only the finest ingredients and never too rough with the sandpaper! My wigmakers are a joy; the D'Villes know a thing or two about fringes, weaves and extensions. But possibly the most prized of my team is my marvellous make up man, Georgie Boy. As all great creative artists, he is a dab hand with a paintbrush and the latest line in industry news. Working only at night and the weekend (well all real artists are eccentric aren't they)? we spend many an hour over tea and biscuits at Mannequin Towers discussing which mannequins have had work done and what will be the look for coming season.

To pay homage to him I wanted to show you one of his palettes, artfully mixed as he started on yet another recent performance. Using a pencil, he first sketches in the features, then finely and delicately loads on the oils, smudging and blending, diluting and highlighting until the final look is complete. 

below is the finished article: a mannequin make up sample he created for Prada. Georgie Boy certainly does justice to the original look Pat McGrath created for the collection, the mannequin looks as if she could step up onto the catwalk ... if she only had a body!
Although super talented, Georgie is shy by nature - he doesn't like publicity - but chose instead to offer the thumbs up to you all dear readers as he went back to the make up table to complete more fashion fabulous samples.

And as for Victoria, she may have a team to rival mine - but do they know how to keep a good make up in place for an entire season? Now there's a skill!

If you want to have a makeover like mine, best you contact my proportion london chums at the proportion london mannequin renovations website
or their sister company renovation experts renovation experts - bodyline

Coach Signature Stripe Tote *Mahogany*

RM 500

Model: F19046
Signature fabric with patent fabric trim
Inside zip, cell phone and multifunction pockets
Zip-top closure, fabric lining
Handles with 8 1/2" drop
9 3/4" (L) x 9 3/4" (H) x 3 1/2" (W)
This is a signature product

*Sold to Min (8/13/2012)*

Islamophobia and Huma Abedin

This article has also been published on the Express Tribune website at the following link:

Islamophobia is mounting in the developed world, with a big contributing factor being ignorance. Instead of looking at the millions of Muslims who are practicing the actual religion, the western media has focused on a fraction of so called 'Muslims' who are misunderstood extremists and believe in the believe in killing innocents all in the name of Jihad. While Jihad is a part of Islam, it is widely misunderstood and killings of innocents is not allowed.

The case of Islamophobia is becoming more pronounced particularly in the USA. A survey by the Pew Research Center shows that only 30% of Americans had a favorable opinion of Islam in 2010, and that number has been declining over the past years. This is not surprising since most leaders of America itself make sweeping attacks on Muslims. A stark example would be how five prominent members of the Republican Party and congress recently sent a letter to the Deputy Inspector General of the State Department, accusing Hilary Clinton's aide Huma Abedin of ties with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Huma Abedin is a Muslim woman, who is deputy chief of staff to Hilary Clinton. From the members of the Republican party who signed this letter, the most prominent is Michele Bachmann, who was being considered by the Republicans as a presidential candidate. The Muslim Brotherhood is a political Islamic organization which was founded in 1928, particularly very active in the Arab world and has been accused of an 'international plot to overthrow governments of Arab countries' by many, including the Dubai police.

According to the letter sent, Abedins three family members specifically her late father, mother and brother were directly connected to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The inclination given is that Abedin has influenced the softening of policy in the White House towards the Muslim Brotherhood which can produce hazardous for the US since the Muslim Brotherhood intends to destroy western civilization from within.

However, according to Global Post, the US government does not view the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, given that it had not carried out a violent activity for the past fifty years. That said, the US government is very thorough when conducting research on potential employees of the White House, so obviously Abedian was not viewed as a threat. On being asked about Huma Abedin, the Muslim Brotherhood responded with a confused 'Who?'

Not all Republicans have attacked Abedins reputation, with Senator John McCain amongst others rising to her defense. It does seem a bit preposterous that Abedin would be connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, or have an extremist Islamic agenda. The woman dress sense isn't very modest according to Islamic standards as seen by her photoshoot in Vogue Magazine in 2007, where she wore a daring low cut red dress (picture above). She is also married to a Jewish man and has a baby with him. Jon Stewart does a hilarious refute to this accusation by Bachmann on Abedin which can be viewed here.

That said, the issue is deeper than just one person. The letter actually accused quite a few people indirectly, and the reason why Abedin was brought to the limelight is that her name was specifically mentioned. There is an underlying fear that Islam poses a threat to the western style of life without realizing Muslims have been living peacefully in the west for hundreds of years. This is due to ignorance and it is this ignorance about the true meaning of Islam which is in dire need of being addressed in order to avoid such fear and misunderstandings in the future.

Lust List #5 Hearts and Bows

 Well, this weekend has been the world's worst weekend ever. I'm not going to go into massive detail, but these are the three worst things that happened to me, in chronological order:

1. My brand new Disco Pant Dupes (see my post HERE) snuffed it the first time I put them on due to a faulty zip. I'm waiting on a replacement but Glamorous are ignoring my emails so far... naughty Glamorous.

2. My beloved flatforms broke :( (see outfit posts including my flatforms HERE and HERE). I was walking down the street on my way to my friend's 18th and the bastard ankle strap just snapped clean off. Dad reckons he can fix it but it's so annoying.

3. Probably the most important reason for my shit weekend; the boyfriend and I have broken up after two and a half years together. Needless to say I'm pretty upset about the whole thing. It was a mutual decision and there wasn't any horrible reason why, it was just one of those things. I am currently comfort eating/internet shopping to make myself feel better. It's not working very well.

Doom and gloom aside, I did have an amazing time at my beloved Katie's 18th on Friday - too many alcoholic beverages were consumed and by the sounds of it she really suffered the next day... oops. I'm also starting to wonder whether you're all presuming I'm some kind of borderline alcoholic due to my recent mentions of nights out.. I can assure you I'm a-ok. Although a large glass of wine tonight will make me feel a lot better.

Also making me feel better is the discovery of Hearts and Bows clothing - you can see my cheeky Lust List above which includes my favourite items from their range available on the Ark website HERE. I've got my eye on the Vintage Army Jacket (top right) in particular - think this will be the perfect transitional raincoat thang for Autumn, especially as it will guard me against this hideous rain which is back again. Think I'll probably wear it with my high-waisted vintage Levi shorts and a plain t-shirt.. I'm really having a thing for classic plain baggie tees at the moment; maybe I'll do a post on a few soon! Either way payday needs to hurry the hell up.

Sorry for the slightly depressing post today new followers; there will be more exciting things soon I promise! But so glad you're here :)
Happy Sunday everyone!

The Astral Plane

Dree Hemingway by David Mandelberg for ManiaMania

I want to live in this editorial.

Body Talk

Dasha by JMN for Modern Weekly China