Three Floor

Another one of my excellent procrastination sessions resulted in my finding of Three Floor - the promise of my pay cheque this coming Friday is filling me with exciting shopping ideas, and ultimately, debt before I've even started! Always the way. I also feel I need to cheer myself up as my exam went less-than-well yesterday; it wasn't particularly awful, but I knew it wasn't A grade stuff which is annoying. I just hope I've done enough to get my grades for UCL!! Last exam next Wednesday, wish me luck!

Anyway, I was drawn to Three Floor following my recent stalking of Ring My Bell  - for those that don't know, it's a pretty damn famous blog by Ashley Madekwe, an actress originally from London currently living in LA. Her recent post entitled Hen Night showed off this gorgeous dress, which, you've guessed it, is from Three Floor:
Photo from Ring My Bell by Ashley Madekwe
God damn it doesn't she look gorgeous?! Serious shoe envy as well. Need to get myself some of those.

 I was expecting Three Floor to be some ridiculously expensive LA label with huge delivery price tags, but surprisingly it's a fairly reasonably priced high-end brand with some really cool designs. Some are a weenie bit too out there for any event I could hope to wear one of those dresses to - don't think my family would appreciate me rocking up to Grandad's 80th birthday dinner in this ensemble for example:
Colour Code Dress, £138

 I am however still in love with Ashley's choice in dress - the simplicity of the design lets the low back be the feature, and if you've got skin as flawless as hers then you may as well get it out in the classiest way possible! The dress itself is a mere £68 which is ASOS prices if you think about it, so really there's nothing to complain about!
Flare Neoprene Dress, £68

... unless you're me, and look like you're dying if you wear yellow. I'm not joking. Put me in a yellow t-shirt and watch my skin reject every form of healthy-glow that was once there, artificial or otherwise. My mum describes me as looking 'peaky' in yellow. 'PEAKY' IS NOT A GOOD LOOK. So for the love of all things fashionable, Three Floor I urge you to launch this dress in another colour! Because I really do have to have it, but in yellow there is no way that would be a good idea. I'd be better off throwing my money off a cliff. Or buying sportswear!

Has anyone else experienced the anger of loving everything about an item of clothing except for the colour? This happens far too often to me!

Hope everyone's enjoying their week!

P.S: I don't own any of the photographs used in this post - all credit  goes to Ashley Madekwe and Three Floor (don't want to piss anyone off!)