Moschino ASOS cheat

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Just a quick post today - more lengthy outfit posts coming soon!

Nothing like finding a designer replica to get you in the mood for some more summer wardrobe shopping; this cute ASOS belt is a dead-ringer for the much-coveted Moschino number (without the obvious Moschino lettering of course). I'd even go as far as to say that this belt may even take on the Moschino belt in the cool-stakes by a) including french (god dammit the French are cool) and b) being only a tenner! Cheap and cheerful, yet a great way of updating any outfit.
I want!

For those that follow my blog (hello!) I have now finished my exams! The last one was this morning - I don't want to jinx anything by saying it went well, but it was a lot less scary that I made it out to be. Fingers (and toes and arms and legs...) crossed I get my three As come results day!

Happy Wednesday