Lilac - new summer colour obsession

Socks, denim dress, rucksack, bra and pants, all Topshop; shirt and lace vest, The Kooples; platform shoe, ASOS; leather bag, ALDO; Maybelline Forever Strong nail varnish in Lilac Charm

Bit of a colour-based obsession for me at the moment. Since the peplum top I bought a few weeks ago (see my outfit post here) I have since obtained a skater dress aaaaand the very nail varnish you see above, all in a beautiful lilac colour. And I have to say, my nails look cracking, if fairly poorly painted by my own fair hand. But the colour looks good, which is the main thing. If I move my hands fast enough at all times, people will only notice the colour... in theory.

My nails - I do have a thumb, promise.
No one tells you the difficulty in taking a nail picture without any help;
taking a good photo one-handed is hard goddammit!
Next on my list of lilacy things to purchase will be the striped Topshop rucksack (above) - I feel like a good-looking rucksack is exactly what I'll be needing at university to carry all of my studenty objects. Won't be mentioning it to the mother though - her ideal rucksack is probably one from Millets, and she'll be offended if she buys me one and I don't use it. I refuse to start uni in London with a Millets rucksack thank you very much. I'll be going to lectures, not hiking across the alps!

I'm pretty pleased with my skater dress too - delivered yesterday, it'll be used in an Outfit of the Week post soon I hope, as long as the weather brightens up enough for suitable photo-taking conditions. As expected the belt included with the dress broke within five seconds of opening the package, but considering it's pretty much made of paper I wasn't too fussed. I'll probably cut off the belt loops on the dress anyway - should make the dress more versatile. Apparently I'm becoming some kind of Missguided hoarder - always a weeny bit embarrassing when the delivery man greets you by name at the door; didn't realise I'd ordered so much from there recently! This dress was only £12.99 though, so it felt rude not to.

Dress by Missguided - outfit post coming soon!
Anyone else bought any cool lilac things recently? I'm always on the look out for more! Although I really should spend less time shopping and more time revising.... shit happens.