Goodnight Macaroon

Black Full Skater/Circle Skirt

Chiffon Crepe Asymmetric Top
Crochet Mesh Lace Dress
Cobalt Scarf Print Silk Pants
As soon as I saw the word 'macaroon' in the title I was initially sceptical  - I've had some rather embarrassing macaroon experiences of late, namely dropping complimentary macaroon all over the plush turquoise carpet of a Tiffany & Co store in central London... not good. Weird culinary phobias aside, Goodnight Macaroon is a really good one-of-a-kind online shop with a variety of really cool pieces. And who can resist another cracking online shopping destination from the great US of A?!

I'm a big fan of this black skater skirt (top picture) as I've been after one for a while; somehow every other skirt I've seen online in a similar style has just ended up looking a bit cheap? Don't know if anyone else has had that problem, maybe I'm just being fussy!

There's also a lot of other clothes and accessories I've got my eye on; shipping to the UK is $15 which is about £9.50, so not too bad, especially when the pieces you're getting are one of a kind! For anyone that follows Native Fox, you'll also have noticed that she's a fan of the brand, modelling their asymmetrical front slit skirt, bellow.
Asymmetrical Front Slit Chiffon Skirt

So far my shopping cart is amounting to about £70 worth including postage... that's do-able right? Right? Maybe I shouldn't get too ahead of myself...

Hope everyone's having a good week!