Coolest. iPhone Cases. Ever.

The time has come, old, shitty blackberry of mine, for us to go our separate ways. You have served me well-ish for just over a year, but your newer, more attractive iPhone rival is calling my name and god daymn does it offer some cool cases.
Most of the cases I've found are handmade, original and so damn chunky and cool they're almost criminal (but too sugary sweet to get mad at). Influenced by Japanese trends, each one is coated in an assortment of random cutesy plastic items that make up the most bright, outlandish and delicious-looking cases which, lets face it, will never get old. You'll have to try reeeally hard to lose your phone with one of these babies on the back.

For the brightest and best looking covers, visit the Lucifurious shop on Etsy here

.Kawaii Candy Explosion Decoden Deco Case for iPhone 3
Chocolate Mint My Melody Kawaii Decoden Deco Case for iPhone 4 4s

Go Bananas Kawaii Decoden Deco Case for iPhone 4 4s

Tropical Fruit Sweet Deco Decoden Hello Kitty Case for iPod Touch 4

Sweet Deco Little Twin Stars Kawaii Decoden Case for iPhone 4 4s

If you're lucky enough to have one of these cases or something similar, can you tell me whether they're durable? Do the gems and stuff fall off? I'd love to know before I take the plunge and buy myself one!
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