the secret life of mannequins ...

As you know, Miss Mannequin always looks to inform her viewers with revealing features on the secret life of mannequins. Shown below are some amazing images taken by talented photographer Dylan Collard at the proportion>london factory some time back.

Dylan's skill at capturing the personalities of some of proportion's staff interacting with their product within the factory environment makes for a stunning gallery of modern yet timeless images. Miss Mannequin adores these shots and agrees with Creative Review Magazine who selected him for a "Best in book Award". Glamorous a factory environment may not be, but certainly is much of his work.

Dylan commented “As soon as we got there I was intrigued by the factory and fascinated by the macabre feel of the location. Limbs, heads and torsos were stacked on shelves, packed into boxes and spilled out of crates. We found groups of mannequins standing in formation like modern day terracotta armies and incom­plete, dismembered body parts looming out of the shadows of spray rooms.”

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paper mache mannequin production

images courtesy of Dylan Collard 2009