Tailoring for Dummies

River Island 3/4 length sleeve blazer, £45
I have decided that I need to expand the versatility of my going-out-outfits. At the moment my wardrobe is pretty much a mish-mash of black bodycon dresses, a long sleeved high-necked 70s thing my mum bought me in the hope I won't look like a slut when I go out, and a couple of boring skirts and sheer tops. My limited selection of outfits is boring, I'm bored, and I'm also on a tight budget.
Through my incredible sense of wisdom, I have come upon this conclusion: tailoring is the answer. I need colourful, eye-catching, multi-purpose blazers, shorts and dresses to compliment my figure and bring something a bit classier to the table - no one wants a drunken mess of girl with body-bits hanging out left right and centre on the dance floor. And ashamedly, I have been one of those girls. Just don't tell anyone.
Naturally, Internet shopping is helping me through this difficult time. I'm thinking this green River Island blazer will be a good place to start; pair with shorts (bum cheeks covered up, thank you), a plain vest, socks and heels to look banging but also dignified at the same time. Top it off with some chunky statement jewellery and hey presto: a cracker of an outfit without exposing unecessary flesh. Below are some other pieces to get the ideas flowing:

ASOS Pleated Jumpsuit, £50

River Island printed blazer, £45

Missguided shorts, £19.99
ASOS Red Mini Skirt, £30
...you're welcome.