Wedding Reception Part 2

The bride and groom went on a Caribbean honeymoon, so my huge collection of seashells found their way into large glass vases. I am fascinated by the array of whites, creams, and blush colors of seashells, not to mention the textures.
 At the wedding, the beautiful bride wore an elegant gown of lace  with sparkles, so added to the seashells was a little vintage ba-da bling from my jewelry box. It's the "use what you have" decorating style. 

Adding real white roses to the arrangements provided for an elegant and cohesive feel. I didn't want a bright pop of color that would take away from the seashells, and picture displays. The roses were tucked inside small vase, placed in the larger vase. Yes, a vase in a vase.

Silver candleabras and mercury glass candle holders were added to some of the tables, another touch of elegance. Every table did not look exactly the same. For me, it adds interest, and again....use what you have.
Have a blessed week,