Swatch Novelty Watch or Louis Vuitton Classic Watch?

It seems novelty watches has strengthen its aggression towards the territory of classic watches. People no long feel it interesting or funky to wear a piece of golden watch on their wrists as the single strategy to adorn them. Latest trends lean to Kesha's quirky watch-interlace-bracelet idea. People love it so much and they are rushing out to follow Kesha's suit. From all kinds of streetsnaps you see these previously demure women now insanely wear at least one novelty watch on their wrists and then lace their lovely wrists with scores of rounds of colorful strings or bracelets.

Swatch novelty watch, as Rachel Heller shows, seems times more radiant than the long-established Louis Vuitton classic watch. An increasing number of guys are doubting if Swatch novelty watches would some day take over the position Louis Vuitton classic watches gain. Really? I don't think that's going to take place. The question is a little bit like that one whether there is existence of IT designer handbags.

Classic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas bags during a spell were facing serious threats from some bold handbags designed by other young genius. When fashionistas were sighing from then on every Louis Vuitton bag they bought were probably the last version of that mode, Marc Jacobs smashed their stupid suspect. The same it is with the skirmish between Swatch novelty watches and Louis Vuitton classic watches. In grant formal cases there is no way Louis Vuitton luxe can be taken over.