F/W Vivienne Westwood Red Labal 2010

Vivienne Westwood Red Labal 2010 autumn and winter series, with regard to ordinary street clothes into the high-end fashion, heat bland, regardless of the line contour, cut, fabric and even the use of colors are just right, wearable and match are greatly enhanced, a hundred Change the image of easy-go!

Red Label has always been for the rebel ladies. This time in pink, orange and red lines popliteal brighten dreary winter, coupled with Vivienne Westwood Plaid favorite strips and, together with three-dimensional style of iconic tailoring skills, stylish and full of rich Apart from the visual, but also modification of female figure, a simple match high heels, high profile type will show exhaustive and beauty, eye-catching full.

Vivienne Westwood Orb logo was created by true to its quarterly jewelry designs are everywhere, and now a 2010 series of autumn and winter, how can or lack of jewelry! New work follows the basic philosophy, coupled with innovative meteor, pins and hearts, combined, and then coated with soft background colors and crystals which, eye-catching, pleasant, and the heart of a captive woman masterpiece.

Vivienne Westwood has always been words and deeds of the Empress Dowager a bit, dare to make outspoken, and even dress up are not simple. In recent years, according to both husband and wife team of brand advertising battle, with her husband Andreas Kronthaler put in different poses with the torch up to no good, but also recruited friends Pamela Anderson cameo friendship. In short, the focus is everywhere.