Dressed to thrill....F&M, a Christmas tradition

This week, after completing her epic Christmas card mail out (lucky you, if you received one), Miss Mannequin got in touch with her festive spirit whilst doing a spot of shopping in London's West-end (well Piccadilly actually). 

My charming chauffeur Mark dropped me off at the corner of Fortnum and Mason's (in order that I could pop in for a pudding)! The front windows were of course stunning as always, this year depicting various works of art cleverly brought to life by the store's talented window trimmers. Gorgeous. What also struck me were the breathtaking side windows. I was captivated and entranced by the intricate enchanted forest theme, featuring layer upon layer of clever backdrops, propping and styling which led you on a journey through magical scenes. Look closely and you will find; a mouth watering feast set on a grand table full of epicurean treats, a cosy fireplace and library in the midst of an intricate collection of treasures (concentrate hard and you may even notice a short sighted owl wearing spectacles) and if you are following your map correctly dear reader, you will come across a secret boudoir filled with chic delights that Miss Mannequin would be delighted to find in her Christmas stocking! I telephoned Visual Director Paul Symes to find out more. Apparently, this side run of windows had been designed by his right hand lady, Sallie Greenhill. Working with a very slim budget, she spent four months of sketching, sourcing and prop-building to assemble this visual treat, whilst he concentrated on the art-themed front run. Creatively thought through and with a charming ambience, I feel sure you will agree than Sallie (and of course Paul) has done a fantastic job. Do pop by ... and let me know about other Xmas windows you have found inspiring.

proportion london vintage bust forms in fortnums christmas display windows