A true sale bargain - two for the price of one!

Filling up the lazy days betwixt Christmas and the new year (whilst the showroom boiler has been malfunctioning) has been something of an ordeal I can tell you Dear Reader. A few short personal window appearances aside (well I wouldn't usually do sale, but the lack of radiator action drove me out), I also took the opportunity to visit a number of fabulous exhibitions and see some truly spectacular shows.

Sales are actually quite vulgar in Miss Mannequin's opinion, But take a tip from me (And I like to think I'm in the know), for a genuine 24-carat SALE bargain. The Design Museum just south of Tower Bridge is currently showing two great exhibitions, FOR WHICH THEY WILL CHARGE YOU ONLY ONCE!

"John Pawson - Plain Space" (open until 30th January) is a super insight into the projects of this brilliant architect who defined a style and set the pace for so many interior designers and stylists who followed. His influence even tipped over into the fashion arena where minimalistic clothing following his strictly outlined aesthetic.
Alongside houses and retail spaces, his redoubtable skills saw the conception and build of an astounding monastery in the Czech Republic and outdoor structures, most notably the Sackler crossing in Kew Gardens. Simplicity, clarity and a decisive vision can be clearly detected in the many designs and models on show. Miss Mannequin peeked over the dinky back fence of his Georgian London house and was delighted by the opportunity to take an eye-squinting Gulliver style tour of his home without getting caught in the act!

Miss Mannequin  stood on tippy toe and peered over the back fench to bring you this exclusive snap of the inside of John Pawson's house.
(Note: no smelly old rubbish sacks languishing in his back garden!)

Downstairs meanwhile,the "Drawing Fashion" exhibition (which ends 6th march) further thrilled Miss M, with a divine history of the illustrative art of fashion plates from the early 20th century masters through the golden age and forward into the current millenium. Erte, George Lepape and Rene Grau originals were on show, alongside those of many, many other notably talented illustrators.
Videos further enhanced the experience; Fran├žois Berthoud's awesome lino prints for McQueen and Antonia Lopez speaking from his studio particularly caught my attention. Looking forward; Miss M adored new work by Aurore de La Morinerie.

Go see and grab this true bargain BOGOF (that's buy one get one free to you)!

Let me know which other exhibitions caught your eye this year.
So until next year, toodle-pip and happy hogmanaying
Miss Mannequin
Casa del Bottere - scale model of the chapel
(My Blue Peter models never looked this good! - Miss M)

Casa del Bottere scale models - to test light effects at different times of day