Presto Chango Slipcover

Presto chango, also known as attention defecit decorating, happens a lot at my house. Things are constantly changing. I have a stash of items, in addition to holiday decor, that I am constantly switching out, and furniture pieces (usually smaller items) that move from room to room. I'm actually very satisfied with how it initially looks,  but the "little voice" just won't let me rest.

The cooking fairy (known as dear daughter, pink girl) made supper last evening, and what was I to do? free time=crafting and decorating. 

This chair received a new slipcover. The slipcover as well as the original chair were purchased at Pier 1. The slipcover had great style, and I LOVE the ruffles. 

This is what the chair looked like before I put the slipcover on it. I like the before, but it's nice to have another option. It has moved from the sunroom to the sitting room, and is making friends nicely. "She" certainly looked cheerful before, but now, she just feels a little prettier.  

Congratulations to the ladies that won my giveaway, lovely things studio and recycled rita!

Now, if the cleaning fairy would just show up...........................
Have a blessed day,