Fendi Roll Bag Tote with Floral Pattern

I am interested in Oriental items these days. In extravagance world, I also find some adorable ones. Fendi Roll Bag Tote is one of them. It is inspired from a Japanese designer who focuses his work on making beautiful and elegant clothes. His desgining concept of paying attention to the trival life detail is shown clearly in this bag.

Flower motif is a common decoration in desginer handbags including Chanel, Valentino, sometimes Louis Vuitton. The gorgeous zucca coated canvas with a charming bouquet of flowers make the bag elegant. As the saying goes, art is originated from life but beyond life.

Despite the attractive appearance, the bag also wins aficionados' favors for its versatile functions. Measuring at 14.25' wide, 11" high and 5.5" deep, this tabacco colored tote bag is characterized by a spacious contour and it is able to hold your daily neccessities.

Art and fashion are in the same principle. So this Fendi floral motif coated bag is a superb daily carryall for those fashion chasers with a unique sense for vogue. It will be a wise decision to get this bag.

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