Farewell with Vera Wang

Vera Wang, the number of girls in the eyes of the creator of the perfect wedding, recently announced that it will end its brand design for the bridesmaid dress business. More than 100 brands over Vera Wang bridal salon will end next Monday received new orders for custom bridesmaid dresses. All of the bridesmaid dress brand business will be fully transferred to the main brand of the traditional style of wedding: "David's Bridal".

Since last May, Vera Wang with the "David's Bridal" brand signed a contract to design a series of more affordable wedding dress, named "White by Vera Wang". Vera Wang wedding dress compared to the brand's easily five or six thousand dollars, even thousands of expensive wedding, most of this series focused on the 1200 price of around U.S. dollars. Once "David's Bridal" has sold 150 stores to get the public's pursuit. Even after the line which extends to custom designed bridesmaid dresses and wedding shoes, and many other.

Vera Wang bridesmaid dress their own brand business, was once the best operating conditions, turnover of 500 million U.S. dollars. However, as Wang bridesmaid dress business only in certain stores and bridal salons to provide customers with subscription services, in recent years more and more difficult in this part of the business, the order quantity is difficult to guarantee.

This, by and "David's Bridal" after brands an opportunity to get good results, in order to obtain a wider range of more reasonable and higher sales revenue, Wang finally decided to brand all the bridesmaid dresses custom service transferred to the "David's Bridal "brand to handle care, and by their own and" David's Bridal "design team to complete the design work.