Oct. Design Team Reveal

October Design Team Reveal (Giveaway)
Remember how it works? As part of Lollishops design team, I receive a package of great supplies in the mail from a sponsor, (in this case Crazy Heart ), and begin to create.  
The first item I made was a journal, or guest book. Although, I don't normally work with orange colors,  I really like it. It is perfect for the month of October.

The cover of the journal is covered with a sheet of ephemera. I had items left, so I went ahead and made a second item. The second item is a photo holder. The picture can be changed as you wish, or use it for the month of October and attach a Halloween picture.    

I will be hosting a giveaway for the picture holder, so leave a comment. I will also be drawing a winner from my Sept. reveal, so visit my Sept. post here and leave a comment. 

Visit Crazy Heart to purchase supplies. 
Visit the Lollishops Blog for links to the other desing team members and more giveaways!

My sewing machine has maintained a constant "whir" of late.  You know the sound the machine makes as it sews yards and yards of ruffled lace unto fabric.    

Oh dear family, it is not my fault that there might be a "speck" of dirt on the floor, or "a load" of laundry that is not clean. Ruffles combined with sewing is very hypnotic. It is a trance-like experience of which, I'm sure, I have no control. I might just need a doctor. 
Until I am cured, sewing shall continue to hold my attention. Honestly, I don't mind at all.   

Blessings to all of you!
Ele Erickson

Mulberry Messenger Shoulder Bag Loves Agyness Deyn

Don't limited Mulberry messenger shoulder bag the pet of Alexa Chung. Now there is a collection of Mulberry bags being named after Agyness Deyn! On the one hand, this indicated the crazy popularity of the gorgeous tomboy Agyness Deyn and Mulberry House has to take it into account. On the other hand, Mulberry has been rising up.

Though compared with the long-established respected brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel, Mulberry has a relatively short history, yet it doesn't matter. The representative Mulberry messenger shoulder bag wins fashionistas over with its timeless England style and outstanding craftsmanship.

Splicing detail between different materials, discreet trim and rivets are the commonest way to convey the quality of the leather in every Mulberry messenger bag. The cool aptitude of it attracts tomboy Agyness Deyn without doubt.

If you love Mulberry, treat yourself with a Mulberry Agyness messenger bag. IT girls can kick ass. It is not only Hermes Birkin handbags that are named after French singer Jane Birkin and Hermes Kelly after Princess Grace Kelly. Agyness Deyn demonstrated the might of the new generation.

Other resources :
Louis Vuitton speedy

Come Over to the Orange Side for Just a Little Bit

Last week I shared crisp white pumpkins with you, now I'd like you to come over to the orange side for just a bit!

Orange pumpkins, real and faux, come in beautiful textures and hues. The mix of textures and hues add interest to a display. Follow the EASY rule of three by placing (groups of) three similar items in a bowl, but make sure each item has a different hue, or texture.

Lets go over this again.
Look at the picture below.

#1 Pumpkin
     texture- reflective glitter (ooh la la) causes a slightly bumpy  
     hue- orange/red
#2 Pumpkin
     texture- smooth, shiny, glossy
     hue- orange
#3 No, not a pumpkin, but a round shaped item (like a pumpkin, only larger...get it?)  
     texture- nubby, twirly, whirly, and ooh so curly
     hue- brown/neutral goes with anything

Have I lost you? 
You could always do the mishmash: place at least 10 different pumpkins, gourds, apples, and/or acorns into the same container. Combine many different textures and hues. Beads, glitter, paper mache, gold gilding, and a variety of orange/red colors provide pure sensory overload.   
Don't want to follow the rule of threes, or do the mishmash, you could always.....

just cage 1 happy orange pumpkin:)

As part of the Lollishops design team, I received the Oct. kit in the mail. My assignment is to design an item that will be revealed at the end of the month. 

The best part is that you can purchase this kit from Wild Heart at 
and make your own creation!

Blessings, Ele

Anna Hu Joins Hands with Jason Wu

Anna Hu refined and advanced custom jewelry represents a distinct want to express her design philosophy, classical and elegant mood and whim of the illusion is always perfect for the pursuit of technology and technology based on the principle host, making each piece flashing all the power of life. When the senior fashion custom jewelry encounter, when the classical interpretation of the trend, Anna Hu and Jason Wu of the joint is not a common vision destined to pass, more like a host of classic and modern luxury festival, which is advanced custom jewelry Anna Hu the first cross-border stylish new start point, is about to sing the Chinese jewelry prelude to the world stage.

2010 will be staged at the Jason Wu fashion show a few months before the early morning, Anna Hu will always lay down the heavy hand work, with dreams burst into the Studio, and Jason Wu offer in the future design of hall, in their hearts do not always have a contaminated the Holy Land left to their own design, approval, argument, just a few hours of silence in alternating meetings, is designed so that they come together pure dream, is the diligent pursuit of perfection so that they burst forth in the discussion the spark of the soul.

In line with Jason Wu season Luxury Casual design concepts, Anna solid selection of black and white diamonds and black gold plating decorate the way to do marry Jason Wu. Wen Wansheng open white jasmine costumes dance masterpiece in the shake on top of the world, both seamlessly with for this season brings the most memorable Star bright.

Now, female fashion, art celebrities eager than ever to the works of Anna Hu, designer jewelry art with a shake of the soul, the most prosperous places in the United bloom elegant and refined fragrance.

Pumpkins, Do They all Have to be Orange?

Crisp and clean looking, white pumpkins are found in my house during the season of Fall. 

I really like how miniature white pumpkins look displayed in a vintage flower basket or a glass jar.   

 A metal black crow is at home in a white birdcage.

Vinyl bats cling to the mirror, and also the front door (as seen in the reflection).

 A silver mercury glass pumpkin sits on my mirrored chest.  

Pumpkins don't all have to be orange to look fabulous.


Gucci Maison Launches in Wenzhou

Gucci Wenzhou Maison launched on Octobor 11! The scenario is not weaker than Louis Vuitton New Bond Street Maison launch party in May. Though there were no Western celebs, the whole maison get thrilled by the Wenzhou customers who couldn't wait to rush into the hall and begin their crazy shopping spree.  Till late at night, the busy hilarious scene went on. As per the report by the staff, at least four Gucci bags were sold within an hour. Note that these pricy bags would cost the buyers tens of thousands of RMB. This was incredible and can't take place in the cities surrounding Wenzhou.

Gucci Wenzhou Maison is as gorgeous as Shanghai flapship store. Every week there are new arrivals which comes in the same pace with Shanghai Maison's. What's more, all the goods sold from Gucci Wenzhou Maison come directly from Italy. The only difference from Shanghai Gucci Maison is, there are no women's clothes. Actually it doesn't affect Gucci Wenzhou Maison's sale volumn. Everyday scores of Gucci watches, handbags, men's suits, shoes and other accessories are expected to sell.

Gucci's charm is paramount. The nearby shopping mall and supermarkets are the first ones to feel Gucci's might. It's amazing to spot hundreds of customers shopping in such a luxe maison whose size is just 400 square meters.

It's All in the Accessories

You could call this a fashion post, but it's not. My pink girl and I have been redecorating her room. We have been using her wearable fashion accessories as decorating accessories.

Tip #1 
Store pretty heeled shoes out in the open. 
Back and white damask velvet boxes coordinate with all shoe colors, (and keep things out of sight). The black hat and bow, as well as a couple of the shoes styles provide a vintage feel.

Tip #2
In the same area, repeat the theme of the accessories (vintage style) with another item.
Pink girl chose this fabulous couture poster with red dress and shoes.

Tip #3
Display bling on a wall. 
We displayed blingy bracelets on a shelf . It doesn't matter the "color" of your bedroom decor. The reflective quality of the bling makes it coordinate with everything!

My pink girl's accessories lean to the vintage style; netted headband, cameo, pearls, and tons of bling.  Perfect accessories for a girl's bedroom, and her outfits!

Tip #3
Display fashion accessories, on a dresser, like you would a picture frame. 
We used a wire easel stand to display hair flowers. The stand was originally used to hold messages. Now, instead of flower clips thrown in a drawer, they are right out in the open and ready to be worn.

A couple more pics of her room to show you the color scheme of peacock blue, turquoise, and red.

We participated in our first craft show of the season. The weather was gorgeous and we had a great time. Thanks to all of you that stopped by my booth, especially the two ladies that took pics of my ruffled table cloth. You made my day!  

Have a blessed week,

Hong Kong Rank Among the List of Prada

Spokesman of Italian luxury brand Prada Group told AFP a few days ago that they are making a research of the most suitable market city among the world's major financial centers, including Milan, London and New York and Hong Kong. They all rank among the list.

Group spokesman said, Prada preparation for the listing plan has been lasted for several years, and they are studying, the dates are uncertain. It is not necessary to select as the market base in Milan, Italy, the world's financial centers are considered within the context of Hong Kong, London and New York. Until the most appropriate market environment, they will move to implement this major market.

As one of the most famous brand among Italian luxury goods industry, Prada family and the husband of Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli Group General Manager holds a 94.89% stake in Italian bank and Intesa Sanpaolo holds the remaining 5.11% stake. Group's brands include Prada, Miu Miu and Church's shoes and Car Shoe brands.

Hong Kong is the financial center that attracted the most listed companies in the world in 2009. Its financing capital was $ 31,800,000,000, of which the major is to enter the Asian market in Europe and North America, company. May the French cosmetics company L'Occitane (L'Occitane) on the choice of listing in Hong Kong to become the first French company in the local market.

Dolce & Gabbana Ascends Film Industry

Next month, Dolce & Gabbana will launch their first film "Quando, Quando, Quando". As the designers's involving in the film industry was rampant, following Valentino, karl lagerfeld, Tom ford, there is another super designer that is involved in the fashion circle. Of course, if "The Devil wears prada" and "The September Issue" are not included. In fact, Dolce & Gabbana is not the first one that is involved in films. Before that. Before that, many of their predecessors have filmed a lot of movies.

Among so many, Karl Lagerfeld is the most famous one. Several works have been published and have received great acclaimation. Others, such as Valentino, Tom ford also tried it, which let we can not help but wonder, why do you all want to be the director? We have to try it? "Valentino: The Last Emperor" will be still put on theaters at the Venice Film Festival.

To be the best documentary film in Chicago, it will but also be on display in the Hamptons and Miami Film Festival. March 27 film screening in Chicago and April 3 in Los Angeles and San Francisco. On April 1, Garavani, Giancarlo Giammetti and Tyrauer will also celebrate the show in LACMA.

In the dizzying change of scene in movies, the audience is almost impossible to remember clothes and accessories of every brand, but they are shrouded in Prada movie title the common name, the movie character personality traits are also included. Prada extends personality using the original film and is associated with the women in the workplace, causing the target consumers resonate more strongly. Because of "The Devil wears Prada" Meryl Streep received an Oscar award.

What Does Louis Vuitton Bring for This Valentine's

As the date February 14, 2010 Valentine's Day is approaching, the luxury brand Louis Vuitton also launched a new accessories items for lovers and couples to create a beautiful ad large romantic atmosphere.

The new Louis Vuitton products include women bags, wrist watches, rings, bracelets, men neckties, belts, briefcases, shoes, sunglasses and so on. Here we can see that Louis Vuitton has provided a number of options for those who are in pursuit of luxury life style. Whether you are Louis Vuitton's fan or not, you can not miss the moment.

Louis Vuitton specially presents Tambour Monogram Vernis Pomme d'Amour watches which integrates the auspicious colors, romantic poetry, clever visual effects and bright red patent leather Pomme d'Amour Monogram and other details and welcome the 2010 Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year with warm arms.

The Louis Vuitton new Fizzy Heart Pomme d'Amour Valentine's watches are also very appealing and the surface is heart-shaped with 47 diamonds.

The paragraph-ray pattern dial of the medium Fizzy Heart Pomme d'Amour quartz watch matches so well with the red patent leather strap. The edge has 12 diamonds and the whole seems magnificent and lucrative. Small Monogram Vernis Pomme d'Amour quartz watch has the exquisite design.

The pictures are not exaggerating here and I strongly recommend you to buy even one kind among them. They are as gorg eous as what they used to be.

Storage for Creative Spaces

I'm talking storage for your supplies and not the kind in a plastic bin stuck under the table. Unfortunately, supplies in my creative space that have been put in storage bins have suffered from severe depression due to lack of use. Poor babies.


Stack ribbons according to color on a wall shelf.

Grab plant stands or any table height containers that have an open top. Roll trims and lace on cardstock tubes. Place vertically in containers and every tube will be visible. Happy trims? You bet.

This space is located in my antique church building.

Every space needs to store a little bit of pretty. Part of my tea cup collection is housed in a glass cabinet above a work table. Function? Simply inspiration.

A few paper doll ornaments from a swap and a tussie mussie made by me also offer inspiration.

Vintage jewels, buttons, yo yos, glitered letters, and more are within reach and highly visible stored in glass jars. See it, and retrieve it. 

I have had questions about the frame that sits on top of the hutch. It is a framed piece of fabric. The frame was spray painted to match the fabric. Heavy fabric was used and attached to the back of the frame with upholstery staples. Glass was not used.

Fall weather has been beautiful in the midwest. Harvest is underway on our farm and we have been enjoying many meals out in the field. The gorgeous prairie and blue skies go on forever. I wish I could bottle some up for you! Along with harvest my pink girl and I have been getting ready for a show. It will be located in my neighbors beautiful barn. If you live close by stop in next weekend at the Crafters Barn and say hi!

Have a beautiful day,