Who Carries the Largest Chanel Reissue Bag

Days ago, I gave you another surprise. Rachel Zoe are thought to have so many Birkin bags in a way like Victoria Beckham. Rachel Zoe has been in the fashion industry for quite a while. She has been so fashionable since the day when she entered the fashion stage. When it comes to fashion and Rachel Zoe I become very interested. For the most of the time, Rachel Zoe is shooted carrying a Birkin handbag and wearing excellent outfit. I might say Rachel Zoe looked completely fabulous to be quite honest with you.
And as I mentioned before, last time I gave you a surprise. The bags which Rachel Zoe carry are somewhat surprisingly beautiful. As a matter of fact, I think I would like to carry it. The question is that I don't have so much to afford them. To het to the point, today I bring you another surprise. Rachel Zoe is shooted carrying a  tremendous Chanel bag, it is XXL Reissue Bag. I have no idea whether it is a vinyl bag or a bag that is made of patent leather. The size of the Chanel bag is so large. Suppose the bag is made of patent leather, it is certain that it is too heavy to carry.

I also love the look of Rachel Zoe this time. I love her sunglassess and her fashionable outfits and her giantic Chanel bag. Big though the bag is, it is Rachel Zoe that can best exude charm and luxury of the bag.