Parda Hardcover Briefcase for Dual Use

A clothing and more take a two-shoes to wear, a package of dual-use, in the current economic environment, these pragmatic shorthand for the latest stylish become the focus of chasing blitz, after all, who do not have something both trendy and practical? For the handbags people most commonly in the daily life in recent years, designers have become more attentive to them. From commute bags to the briefcase bag, evening bag or, invariably accompanied by the strap of no exception. Dual-use design become the most popular.

Following Parda dark red hardcover briefcase that was boosted the careers of stars such as Sienna in the preceding quarter, after another season Parda a gray patent leather handbag has quietly sweept the streets of Hollywood. You can see its popularity. Funny Face Jessica Alba and her beautiful children are carrying it in Anne Street, people have to step up to ride the fad.
TIPS: put back the double feature of dual-use package to resolve the role of your multi-day troubles. One needs to remind the careful collection of your strap and take care to avoid exposure of embarrassing. 

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