Jennifer Lopez Looks Perfect with Jimmy Choo Tatum

As someone points out previously, what luxury means to stars is just what apple means to cinamon. The super level, in my eyes, should be a mutual enhance to both parties' looks. Well, look at this fab picture out of paparazzi, incredible shoot, incredible Jimmy Choo Tatum and incredible Jennifer Lopez. Which one do you think is the most brilliant? I have had a deep thought but failed to make a decision cause everything is perfect!

This Jimmy Choo Tatum, if not carried on the shoulder of Jennifer Lopez, would also remain still with the proud posture of a fashion chic maker. Brown calfleather material touches amazing. It's a little bit oversized, whatever, I can't see anything bad from that, big star's casual look is more attractive, isn't it?
The peak of fashion is created by the gorgeous weaving of exagerated tassles. Hanging from the bottom of the bag, the tassles just don't cease waiving wildly from the beginning to the end. With the glittering chain handles, this tassle bag is fairly high-key.

Of course Jennifer Lopez is also stunning with her constant vigorous appearance. The brown sunglasses and huge silver earings seem to be in accord with the brown bag and the silver handles. Well, the picture can rise to No.1 street shoot now.