Hermes Mini Delly Pouchette Comes in Bright Colors

For daytime using, I prefer Hermes Birkin bags. It would be very glorious to own one as many celebrities have been spotted with them. However, for evening using, I would rather take this Hermes Mini Kelly Pouchette. In a sleek and modern design, it is suitable for me to carry it to an evening party. On the one hand, it has enough room for holding my essentials for evening parties due to the dimension of 12"L x 3"W x 5.5"H. Besides, the interior pocket would also add much convenience to me.

On the other hand, this bag, with bright colors gives off a relaxed and refreshing feeling. Elegant and nice with several colors, it is shining among all Hermes handbags. I really admire the red taurillon clemence cowhide leather with green and yellow leather trimmings. It must shape a girl more active and lively. So I would choose this mini bag for an evening party. Look at the front of the Hermes lock with leather key bell holding two keys. It is useful as well as very lovely.

The bright colors of this bag just remind me of the colorful world of cartoon, vivid and adorable. It must be a world without annoyance and trouble, happily and carefree. When I was under the high pressure, breathe taking, this bag gives me the hope of life. The colorful bag shocked my eyes and made me think of many things. I believe it would bring good luck and high spirit to me so I have special feeling towards it.

You not only can use it for the dance but also use it at spare time if you wish. Its decent and lively design makes it suitable for many occasions. The easy and bright style of this bag also makes it easily match your outfits.