Fendi IT Bag

IT bag in the western countries costs 1000 U.S. dollars on average. If you are not too demanding, an IT bag priced at seven or eight thousand yuan absolutely can make you satisfactory. Of course, you can not be tugged tightly on the limited edition of crocodile skin. There are several cases which designer IT bag can be more expensive, for example the Fendi Villa Borg bag. The bag is all made by hand costing no more than 10,000 but if you want to buy the IT bags made of ostrich skin, crocodile skin. Well, the highest price reaches 500,000.

The general stores take reservations, but the waiting time needs about six months. As for some rare items, the price will be more surprising, for example the LOEWE pink snake bag of the season.

The above-mentioned Fendi Baguette actually was born in 1997. The name means in French Baguette Bread because French used to be hurry hurry with long bread under his arm. But the strap of the small bag is very short, just the size suitable for under the arm and it was named in this way.

It also launched its spring and summer series of this year whose material is made of mixed fashionable linen. The appearance of graffiti is very cute. IT bags always turn to strengthen the image of the designer, such as Chloe Paddington, the Chandra Bvlgari handbags and Louis Vuitton Elegie Tote.