Dior Fulfills its Dream in Shanghai

There is no a place that is heater than Shanghai in the recent days, Dior also take this opportunity to settle down Dior 2011 spring summer collection show in China.

The guy, who has always been good at creating dreamy, John Galliano will bring what kind of magic between light and shadow?

In this show in, Dior has brought 49 sets of new clothes, including 8 sets and Dior Haute Couture, which can show how Dior values this show. They seem to have big love for the old Shanghai style. How will John Galliano interpret Shanghai in his mind?

The mainland international supermodel is wearing a pink dotted dress and is full of elegant flavor of French girls. Flowers have always been the favorite element for Dior. The purple lace leather jacket is lovely and feminine while featuring some futuristic sense.

The classic style of Dior is New Bar Jacket with the fine details and is feminine as well. Miss Dior is sweet women who aspire to something sweet. Pink is the refreshed black, non-dress pants skirt design seems appropriate for woman for more freedom.

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