Vintage Wedding Cake Topper

Why is it that vintage never really seems to get old, and in the month of June (when the tune in my head chimes, here a wedding, there a wedding, everywhere a wedding wedding) I am drawn to vintage wedding items.

Vintage wedding cake toppers are elegant, and in the last few years have become highly collectible.

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People have caught this collecting bug as these items tug at your heart strings. Whether you know the original owner or not, cake toppers symbolize a day filled with emotions of grandeur, a day of love.

Vintage wedding dress I purchased at a rummage sale! 

Wedding cake toppers seem to be easy to find, and don't take up a lot of room (like my vintage Vogue dress that I display from time to time in my studio). Cake toppers sporting men in uniforms and pieces with bits of color added seem to to be of highest demand. Perfect millinery flowers found on toppers have been known to cause hyperventilation.You ladies know exactly what I'm talking about. By searching out flea markets and various online selling venues, you will find vintage cake toppers. If you're lucky enough to own a topper that used to belong to a relative display it proudly, or better yet,use it an an actual wedding. 

Vintage doesn't always get old, it can become elegant, and in the case of wedding cake toppers... your heart just might feel a little tug.

Blessings to you,