Stanley Green and his punk connection!

Okay, Miss Mannequin has to admit that she's a figure of some mature years! You would never guess this ordinarily, buoyed up as i am by regular remodelling work and seasonal style makeovers.
I tell you this oh trusted reader to prepare the way for asking - who remembers Stanley Green?
No?...... Strikes no memory?
Then if i then ask - who remembers Protein Man? the mists must surely part a little? 

Stanley Green - god bless him, plodded diligently up and down the street of the fleshpots (Oxford Street) from the late 60's until his sad demise in the 90's. He was the stoically bespectacled one, a sinister-looking capped man in a mac bizarrely parading his banner campaigning for eating less of ..... well, most things it would seem! 

He was such a regular on the shopping streets of W1 that he was barely noticed and became part of the scenery. Always severe looking and considered to be a bit oddball - but prone to the odd smile when photographed. 

Little more is known about him, but I discovered his love-worn (and much sellotaped) banner on my recent visit to the newly refitted Museum of London. This image shows the late 70's version of his message (the sixties version included lentils!). 

What Miss mannequin ponders is this.... Was there any connection? 
Did Stanley hang out with Stephen, Debbie Harry and Warhol?? Did Stephen get inspiration from Stanley on his many trips to London? The mind boggles ..... Miss Mannequin WILL get to the bottom of this mystery.