Chicken Wire Decor

Seriously, chicken wire?  
When I think chicken wire, this farm girl's brain isn't anywhere near chickens. I'm thinking of mixing the glam with the glum, or the shab with the chic.  

Cloches made of chicken wire when paired with white tulips and a hint of an elegant doily, make a great marriage.

My favorite creations designed with chicken wire are crowns:   

Elegance against rustic has never looked better. A perfect crown for the bride, or mom to be.

flickr: marianne@sonbird's
Chicken wire in cupboard doors isn't just for country decor. It's a little bit French Country, a little bit Shabby Chic, and a whole lot of  elegant. Silver platters and chicken wire, woo hoo!!!

Now for the easy peasy project idea called,
"Frame your Chicken Wire, or Chicken Wire Your Frame"
*find an old frame and spray paint, brush paint, or hey, leave as is
*cut chicken wire with a wire cutters a little larger then the frame opening
*using an electric or heavy duty upholstery hand stapler, staple wire to the back of the frame
*add a picture hanger, or wire for hanging
*use decorative clips, clothes pins or ribbons to add pretty bits and pieces, pictures, or cards to the chicken wire

Chicken wire, seriously? Absolutely.

Hope you're having a great week.