Milk Glass Love

Each time I visit the Carribbean, I stand in awe of the vibrant, yet peaceful colors God has painted upon our earth. My recent vacation wasn't any different. My mission, upon returning home, turned to thoughts of creating vignettes of this beautiful calm. Sand provides soothing ground for inspiration with shades of white and lots of texture. My collection of white milk glass started singing to me before I had even set down my suitcase.  

Milk glass is found in many shapes, sizes and yes, even colors.  Just like grains of sand it can be opaque or translucent, and comes in various shades of white.   

Milk glass was first produced over 100 years ago, but was reproduced in the 1980's. Never pay a large amount for a piece of milkglass, unless you are very sure of it's origin. It is very hard to tell the real antique pieces from the reproductions. In my opinion, the newer pieces are just as desirable.  

Milk glass isn't just for great grandma anymore. The calm, chic look has achieved a new level in decorating and is showing up on shelves, in cupboards, and even in wedding decorations.

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Next time you are at your local thrift store and see milk glass, close your eyes for a moment and visualize yourself walking barefoot in warm white sand. I promise, if you didn't like milkglass before, you will now.

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Blessings to you!