Introducing Miss Mannequin

Okay people ..... you thought i had packed my bags and gone to live at Barneys didn't you? It's a tempting thought (i do so adore Simon Doonan)!
Well, i'm still here, been a bit busy with my vast social life .... so may i start by introducing myself.

My name is Miss Mannequin .... (oh it's her you are thinking). Yes it's me, my dears. You've seen me around town - posing in all the best windows, gracing the top fashion events, loitering next to the rails in those uber prestigious stores and boutiques. I'm everywhere that you would ever need to be and more!

Welcome to my little blogette ..... where i shall take you along with me on my fanciful outings, visiting places only the very priviledged get to see and taking a peek behind the window backs of all the best stores in town. I can't wait - you're going to be captivated by what you see
until our first trip then
ta ta xx