Spring Ruffles

Too many ruffles? Not this Spring. Ruffles are showing their faces, or layers, everywhere.

March is the month to take away the heavy winter layers of drapes, rugs, and dark slipcovers. It's time to add light textures and colors in creams and whites. The perfect way to do this is with fresh layers of ruffles.  

Too many ruffles on the pillow above? I think not!

I could not resisit the vintage ruffles on this pillow by Home Centric.  It will look great on my couch, and it was a great price.   

If you prefer a more tailored look, the pillow below is perfect. A single band of ruffles is very classy. 


Are you drooling yet?

How about now?
Use a smaller version of this banquet tablecloth on a side table, entry table, or even a dining room table.  

Ruffles. Need I say more?

Have a blessed day,