Naval Style, Back to the Old Days of Chanel

Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld successfully reproduce the good times during the lifetime of Ms. Chanel. From the black cloak to the navy with stripes of different themes and details, this poetic description of the major fashion brands originates from 2010 the family-oriented resort collection of so many brands. Not only Karl Lagerfeld that reviews the Coco Chanel designs, but many designers interpretate Chanel's life style in their own way. They interpret the kind of France type of romantic elegance and leisurely and carefree mood.

chanel 2010 style

The first one is back to Coco Chanel's time-Naval style. The enduring naval style again penetrates into this year's romantic tailorship.

The second one is naval style stripe. Stripe is the love of the beach with blue and white stripes like the blue sea and as pure as the clouds. With navy blue horizontal stripes as the basic background, an extension of a red, black, blue, white and white color occures accompanied by bright classic sailing logo of red color and the silhouette of anchors, wheel, and sailor knots. People can not help but long for the joy tidal waves splashing in the water scenes. While the stripes and the tropical print are popular in the season and many designers have made all efforts.

The last one is navy suit. The Tomboy-style dress must have been put on the agenda in the era of Coco Chanel. The classic moments of wearing a striped shirt and a pair of navy high waist trousers are treasured and become an important page in the history of fashion. Now this classic form that metamorphosed into a variety of new forms continues.It is also the precious moments that Chanel brings to us.