Nagoya Louis Vuitton Store

In the Nagoya Louis Vuitton store, Eric Carlson's design provides art trend for Japan's gift packaging.

Perhaps out of modesty, or out of courtesy, or he really wants to tell the real true feelings for the people who want to hear his thoughts. Whatever out of what kinds reasons, whenever being asked about where was his own design of Louis Vuitton store, first Eric Carlson would praised the work of Nagaishi Architecture. It consists of a number of spiral of an aluminum structure, aluminum decorative treatment with spraying. These aluminum are vertically placed in the glass curtain wall. Under the influence of the metal halide, the faint outer building automatically adjust the light when it becoming dark. Carlson said the building's exterior design draws on the Japanese art of gift packaging. In this exquisite box R21; both modern and gucci goods are available as well as leather goods and shoes, male and female-type clothing.

Nagoya Louis Vuitton store

Eric Carlson is a former director of the Ministry of Construction of Louis Vuitton. He left the company in 2004 after that he established his own company Carbondale. Then he proceeded to establish his own flagship store in the Champs-Elysees. Now, the region has become the best in France among the seven tourist destinations. Every day of the weekend could attract 4000 tourists to come to visit it. You might think that Eric Carlson would cease his steps after winning so many awards. However, this 9600 square feet high-level multi-storey clothing shop has proved that he continues to make progress.