Louis Vuitton Multicolore Greta Bag

Most crazy handbags fans will agree that right now, the weather outside isn’t the best to take something colorful and delicate as a Multicolore piece for an outing. But if you live in a warm climate year-round area as I do (South of the world), everyday is a perfect day to sport the most cheerful piece in Louis Vuitton collection. Issues such as denim transfers, much hardware, delicate vachetta, and being too much of an attention grabber; I never sought to add a new Multicolore piece to my collection.

Louis Vuitton presents it’s fans with a couple of new additions to their infamous line, including this piece, meet the Louis Vuitton Multicolore Greta Bag. Right off the bat I like how the Greta is a shoulder bag, and sporting a single flat adjustable strap, it looks pretty comfortable to wear. Also, who new you could find so many details on a single bag including, buckles, ring décor, bands, studs, and a removable body strap! Yeah, this is no boring piece. Of course, Takashi Murakami’s infamous design is present and stunning as usual.

This new leather bag doesn’t run cheap as it carries a $2,020 price tag. Love this piece? If you think the price is unaffordable to you, pls visit Louis Vuitton Handbags Mall to choose some replica LV bags for you.