Louis Vuitton Magazine is Catching on

Fashion Bible was now undergoing a difficult time. With the withdrawal of advertising, consumers then switched to blog. The old fashion magazine is as thick as the telephone directory, and is now abbreviated into a thin one. However, a class of fashion magazines are thriving, and that is: the brand magazines including brands of Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel.

louis vuitton magazine

A growing number of luxury brands is providing customers with with booklets and albums that are full of new ideas and with comments style. Last month, Karl Lagerfeld and Olivier Zahm, chief editor of "Purple Fashion" worked together to found "31 Rue Cambon". This is a beautiful magazine-style catalog that supplies the new customers of the the world's Chanel shops.

The Jeans brand Acne was created in 2005 by the semi-annual journal, collecting the works of Mario Testino, David Bailey and Tilda Swindon, etc.. Yves Saint Laurent has continued to publish its "Declaration" "Manifesto", which is large format, the album, gets publishes in major cities. Cartier and Hermes also issued luxury magazines.

Retailers also pay more attention to their products and to provide information, entertainment and celebrity lifestyle type magazine.

Last year in December, the U.S. retailer Forever 21's newly launched one paper and online magazines in the United States, South Korea and Japan. Barney's announced its own electronic magazine, along with creative director Simon Doona's video album.

With the rapid development of the society, no matter is Louis Vuitton magazine or Gucci magazine are the products of the society.