Celebrites Love Functional yet Stylish Botkier Handbags

Monica Botkier had been a fashion photographer for The Fader, Surface, Nylon, Mademoiselle, Fitness and Seventeen in NYC for several years. However, she has focused on handbag design with great passion. Having searching for a perfect handbag, she decided to create her own handbags. Therefore, the brand of Botikier was born.

Celebrities love Botkier Handbag

Function and fashion meet in Botkier’s designer handbags. The functional, multipurpose pockets are considerately designed among her handbags for holding your keys, cell phone and cards to prevent your handbag in a muddle. Besides, the style of Botikier handbags is still sophisticated and exquisite. Botkier has established a devoted fan base in the US and around the world. Each season the Botkier collections, consisting of approximately 40 different silhouettes, have a continued success with respected stores such as Barney’s New York, Fred Segal, Harvey Nichols and Neiman Marcus, as well as with prominent social, artistic fashion icons.

Botkier has created a niche in the market where there was a void and approachable designer brand. Its accessories embody luxury through custom detailing, innovation and quality while focusing on functionality. Reality for the modern woman. Important too is the price, sitting just under the high-end designers labels. Botkier is at a unique vantage point and position in the market. An independent brand that marries luxury with utility. In terms of aesthetics, Botkier has a downtown edge, a certain seduction factor. There is something very exciting about hardware and leather; this synergy creates a direct and easy way to express oneself.