Asians Have Become Louis Vuitton's ATM

Based on the survey of 2009, Louis Vuitton is referred as the most popular luxury brands in China. Yet some people tend to think that if Louis Vuitton wants to continue to rule the world in the future, it should not let the wealthy Chinese go. As a matter of fact, not only in China, LV also enjoys its popularity in many other Asian countries as well.

Louis Vuitton in the pockets

I came to know a Shanghai fan of Louis Vuitton who went to the store to buy Louis Vuitton then she took a crowded bus outside. She told me that she led a frugal life in order to save money for Louis Vuitton handbags and Gucci handbags. There are two reasons for her crazy action. The first one is that everyone knows that prices are too high and is a powerful illustration of the identity and status. The other reason is that it is easy to match clothes. Being not obtrusive when doing some sports and appropriate when for an appointment. It has a high utilization rate. However, some people just do not agree with that the young ladies carrying the LV handbags. A person in Beijing who is responsible for corporate recruiting told that in Beijing in 2009 college graduates Recruitment conference, it was full of Louis Vuitton bags."If what they carried were anthentic Louis Vuitton handbags, how could they afford to employ them. If they were fake, those who loved vanity were not the right persons we choosed.

As for Louis Vuitton, the pace of development in India is not so quick as imagination. Louis Vuitton opened the first store in New Delhi, India in 2003. Up till now, only five stores have been opened in India. "Global Times" journalists recently visited New Delhi, a Louis Vuitton store in an upscale mall. Although now is the New Year shopping season, there are not many customers. This is a large shopping mall across India nowadays. We can see that only a small portion of people can afford luxury goods like Louis Vuitton in India. Most of the young students said that they have heard about Louis Vuitton, but they never have the idea to buy one.