Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Bohemian

Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Bohemian is seen in the Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2010 runway. Why this Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Bohemian named in this way? It is said that this name acts in accordance with the nonconformity and spirit. Whether for decoration or utility, the Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Bohemian that combines modern vibe and functionality in one is your ideal companion whether you travel outside or in the town.

Through a series of complicated procedures, Bohemian is made of a refined fabric in this way that paves way for the black-on-beige Monogrammed jacquard fabric with with fluorescent threads in between. On the Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2010 runway, the Monogram Cheche Bohemian and other bags were hung with bright-colored leather fringes that swings joyfully as the models walked in the show, just like the happy birds that fly high in the sky. When the models swung the bags, suddenly the charm of the bag gave out.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Bohemian bag

Let us take a close look at the Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Bohemian bag since maybe you would say I am just exaggerating. It features a double interior flat pocket. You can out all your essentials in the left one since there is a spacious compartment available. As for the details, there is an adjustable strap imprinted with the Louis Vuitton signature. Also there is a luggage tag in bright color and cowhide leather trimmings.

Finally it is the size of Monogram Cheche Bohemian that measures 16.9" x 13.4" x 10.2". And two colors are ready for you to choose.you can go to Louis Vuitton Handbags Mall to shop a cheap replica one.

Spring Ruffles

Too many ruffles? Not this Spring. Ruffles are showing their faces, or layers, everywhere.

March is the month to take away the heavy winter layers of drapes, rugs, and dark slipcovers. It's time to add light textures and colors in creams and whites. The perfect way to do this is with fresh layers of ruffles.  

Too many ruffles on the pillow above? I think not!

I could not resisit the vintage ruffles on this pillow by Home Centric.  It will look great on my couch, and it was a great price.   

If you prefer a more tailored look, the pillow below is perfect. A single band of ruffles is very classy. 


Are you drooling yet?

How about now?
Use a smaller version of this banquet tablecloth on a side table, entry table, or even a dining room table.  

Ruffles. Need I say more?

Have a blessed day,

Prada Published Luxurious Books

Prada is also publishing its book! This luxurious 708-pages book is designed by Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli and designer Michael Rock and Sung Joong Kin's New York design company. The book is divided into two parts, internal and external and internal. The internal part includes Prada history, design and production process while the external part is some movements that Prada products in the business and cultural circles.

prada luxury book

The book has a great to deal with architects Rem Koolhaas. It was him that has brought "Epicenter" flagship store for Prada. In addition, the book also contains Prada men's and women's ad images since 1987. Prada's book is currently sold in the Prada stores. You can also order it on the Prada official website and it is priced at 100 euros.

Many luxury brands will send an accompanied product pictures on a quarterly basis in order to provide to the media and the procurement persons. Most of the domestic brands will add the introduction of the enterprise, brand strength and leadership of speech sort of routine "advertisement" when printing this exquisite little books. But once out of the show, you will be able to see the trash. "Prada" is exactly the same with the above-mentioned brochures. However, it means more and values more with the excessively high price.

Nowdays, the modern times witness a period that more and more fashion magazines are drawing back. However, Prada and Gucci chose to publish its book in this period. Anyway, we hope it a success in the near feture.

Louis Vuitton Multicolore Greta Bag

Most crazy handbags fans will agree that right now, the weather outside isn’t the best to take something colorful and delicate as a Multicolore piece for an outing. But if you live in a warm climate year-round area as I do (South of the world), everyday is a perfect day to sport the most cheerful piece in Louis Vuitton collection. Issues such as denim transfers, much hardware, delicate vachetta, and being too much of an attention grabber; I never sought to add a new Multicolore piece to my collection.

Louis Vuitton presents it’s fans with a couple of new additions to their infamous line, including this piece, meet the Louis Vuitton Multicolore Greta Bag. Right off the bat I like how the Greta is a shoulder bag, and sporting a single flat adjustable strap, it looks pretty comfortable to wear. Also, who new you could find so many details on a single bag including, buckles, ring d├ęcor, bands, studs, and a removable body strap! Yeah, this is no boring piece. Of course, Takashi Murakami’s infamous design is present and stunning as usual.

This new leather bag doesn’t run cheap as it carries a $2,020 price tag. Love this piece? If you think the price is unaffordable to you, pls visit Louis Vuitton Handbags Mall to choose some replica LV bags for you.

Prada Perforated Leather Handbag

When I first sight at the Prada Perforated Leather Handbag, I thought it is a Gucci Product.It is very rare to spot a sophisticated look from Prada, but I still enjoy the luxurious and casual style. Actually, I even find several elements from a sport bag such as the perforated Saffiano leather which has been used on the brand before. A triangle logo is striking on the upside of a white band in the center of the caramel background. I’m not every appreciated on the design although it looks great on the hand of a model.

prada perforated leather handbag

The Prada Purse is measured at 13 x 8 x 7 inches and has a similar shape as Louis Vuitton Speedy Collection. So you won’t worry about crunching space for all your daily items. You can open it by the zipper closure on the open and find the iconic jacquard lining with a inside pocket, which is convenient but I always prefer more inside pockets. It can be carried with double handles or shouldered with an adjustable strap.

This Prada Perforated Leather Handbag is a great accessory for leisure occasions and casual ensembles but not a good choice for office outfits. It has an astonish price tag of $1650, but you find more replica handbags on sale at LOUISVUITTONBAGMALL at very good price.

Louis Vuitton Magazine is Catching on

Fashion Bible was now undergoing a difficult time. With the withdrawal of advertising, consumers then switched to blog. The old fashion magazine is as thick as the telephone directory, and is now abbreviated into a thin one. However, a class of fashion magazines are thriving, and that is: the brand magazines including brands of Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel.

louis vuitton magazine

A growing number of luxury brands is providing customers with with booklets and albums that are full of new ideas and with comments style. Last month, Karl Lagerfeld and Olivier Zahm, chief editor of "Purple Fashion" worked together to found "31 Rue Cambon". This is a beautiful magazine-style catalog that supplies the new customers of the the world's Chanel shops.

The Jeans brand Acne was created in 2005 by the semi-annual journal, collecting the works of Mario Testino, David Bailey and Tilda Swindon, etc.. Yves Saint Laurent has continued to publish its "Declaration" "Manifesto", which is large format, the album, gets publishes in major cities. Cartier and Hermes also issued luxury magazines.

Retailers also pay more attention to their products and to provide information, entertainment and celebrity lifestyle type magazine.

Last year in December, the U.S. retailer Forever 21's newly launched one paper and online magazines in the United States, South Korea and Japan. Barney's announced its own electronic magazine, along with creative director Simon Doona's video album.

With the rapid development of the society, no matter is Louis Vuitton magazine or Gucci magazine are the products of the society.


The loveliest day of the year has arrived.
loveliest: having beauty that appeals to the emotions as well as to the eye

I participated in Cathy's Amour Valentine Swap and my partner was Janet, of Janet's Creative Pillows
Score! Agree?
She also sent a lot of other goodies; such as chocolates, candy, rose candles, and gorgeous paper flowers, but I was totally smitten with this pillow. It had me at the gorgeous bridal lace, or was it the tulle, or the roses? Anyway, I was smitten.  

This is the Valentine box I sent Janet, as well as cupcake supplies, and an array of hearts. 

I spent the afternoon making Valentine cookies with three teenage girls. 

Wishing you a great Valentines Day!  

Blessings, Ele

Gong Xi Fa Cai !

Dear all,

Wishing your New Year is sparkling with smiles and bright with Joy!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

Things are different between Internet and luxury goods like Louis Vuitton. While Internet covers a wide range products and welcomes all kinds goods. It is Internet that has evolved the way that consumers contact corporations, Brands like Louis Vuitton are only limited to a narrow range of things. What they want is mystery and coolness aimed at making theirselves unique. There is one point they are different. Internet is bent on changing the way that corporation interacts with comsumers while luxury brands are not interested in it.

louis vuitton

Here we can see, the way has been idealized or been taken for granted. Moreover, it is adored in someway and almost to a degree of almost being religious. It is true that many deeds and behaviours have made some changes these years, for example, the manufacturing industry. But there is still a virgin place concerning brands want to made themselves understood. This kind of suitation has lasted for so many years.

As for fashion shows, there is no longer private business for consumers, celebrities and even editors. In the fashion shows, the clothes on displayed are not accessible by consumers.

I find that those luxury brands, such like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes,Chanel are not certain about in what ways or aspects does technology or the Internet change on them. There is an increasing trend that clients just want to communicate much better with those who produce the products and those who do the marketing. Yet it might seems a bit late. It is until the recent days that the luxury brands consider that they might draw themselves out of the online market and maybe everyting will become much better in this way.

Marc Jacobs Klein Patchwork Tote

The Marc Jacobs Klein Patchwork Tote is made of soft blush patchwork leather, making it a comfortable bag to carry anywhere and looking as if you have a pillow bag with you, so that one would not feel regret for its hefty price at $1,436. The bag brings a vintage touch to your outfit. It is accented with gold tone hardware which gives this bag its classy look. It also has a fold over padlock closure at the framed top and feet on the base, bringing out a smart vintage glamour.

Marc Jacobs Klein Patchwork Tote

Carry it through its double top handle and it will surely make you feel sophisticated. This Marc Jacobs Klein Patchwork Tote will be best matched on any casual or office attire while pulling off a neat and elegant look. Of course, this gucci handbag is a little bit dressy and decent, so it is definitely not suitable for your hip pop outfit, but instead it can serve as a good business carrying or some formal evening Party.

Finally, this Tote Weighing in for $1,436, this price is unaffordable for most of people. I recommond you to help yourself with a Replica Marc Jacobs Bag on LOUISVUITTONBAGMALL at very good price.

Actresses Hit Louis Vuitton Graffiti Series

It is known to us all that there was a time when Louis Vuitton launched its Graffiti Series. After that, different sizes and different colors of Louis Vuitton Graffiti Series were seen in streets. Today, I have collected some information about the stars who were once spotted with their Louis Vuitton Graffiti handbags.

louis vuitton graffiti handbag

Supermodel Agyness Deyn attended the Louis Vuitton party with her limited edition fancy letters bag. She performed fashion to the ultimate degree. When she was seen in the streets with the look combining the red hat, red gloves, red socks with this Louis Vuitton Graffiti, red and green colors form a contrast. Her skills to match her clothes with her accessories just make you admire.

Mischa Barton played an important role in the new drama "Beautiful Life" in London. She changed a few sets during the time. LV,Gucci, Chanel and Hermes are all on display.

The famous England star Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen McLoughlin were shooted driving Range Rover car to the gas station. She was wearing Louis Vuitton Graffiti scarf of limited-edition.

How could the old fashion priest Sarah Jessica Parker miss such classic series of the Rose limited edition Louis Vuitton graffiti handbags. The oblique zipper is designed to expose uninhibited sexy.

Maybe you will have this kind of idea that maybe Louis Vuitton Graffiti Series is out-dated. Just believe me it won't be out of fashion.

Roxy Olin is Spotted with a Valentino tote

Roxy Olin is the daughter of the actress Patricia Wettig. She was seen on three episodes of Brothers & Sisters where her mother stars. Only did I spot her with her Valentino tote, I came to know her.

roxy olin sports a ruffled valentino tote
For what reason is Roxy Olin on a celebrity gossip site? It can be started from that she has been friends with Whitney Port since during the time when she was in high school. Roxy appeared together with her friends in two of MTV's in season. Actually, Roxy Olin knows Spencer from high school yet she always choose to forget the fact.

Anyway, it is time for a confession due to my wondering about who is Roxy Olin. Actually I did have no information about who Roxy Olin was. I used to think that maybe it was because that they were the bad and ugly pictures of Eva Amurri. I just haven't sensed who she is. Yet I have learned that she does exist in the world. As for the reason why other people know her and the reason why the paparazzi follows her lie in the fact that Whitney Port loves her so much and both them are seen together in the city.

There is also another thing that I ought to say sorry for it. That is actually I have never seen the City so that I have no idea about him. Even though I love so much the things in New York as well as fashion, still I can not become a bit interested in iota with sitting through it. I am not a bit interested anyway. To be honest, what I am so driven to mad is that Roxy Olin’s Valentino Ruffle Tote. Do you like it just in the way as I do? One of the editor said to me that she is famous for the fact that she’s renowned for being not so decent on her little TV show. But there is one thing that helps me to ignore the fact is that I love her Valentino tote so much.

Naval Style, Back to the Old Days of Chanel

Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld successfully reproduce the good times during the lifetime of Ms. Chanel. From the black cloak to the navy with stripes of different themes and details, this poetic description of the major fashion brands originates from 2010 the family-oriented resort collection of so many brands. Not only Karl Lagerfeld that reviews the Coco Chanel designs, but many designers interpretate Chanel's life style in their own way. They interpret the kind of France type of romantic elegance and leisurely and carefree mood.

chanel 2010 style

The first one is back to Coco Chanel's time-Naval style. The enduring naval style again penetrates into this year's romantic tailorship.

The second one is naval style stripe. Stripe is the love of the beach with blue and white stripes like the blue sea and as pure as the clouds. With navy blue horizontal stripes as the basic background, an extension of a red, black, blue, white and white color occures accompanied by bright classic sailing logo of red color and the silhouette of anchors, wheel, and sailor knots. People can not help but long for the joy tidal waves splashing in the water scenes. While the stripes and the tropical print are popular in the season and many designers have made all efforts.

The last one is navy suit. The Tomboy-style dress must have been put on the agenda in the era of Coco Chanel. The classic moments of wearing a striped shirt and a pair of navy high waist trousers are treasured and become an important page in the history of fashion. Now this classic form that metamorphosed into a variety of new forms continues.It is also the precious moments that Chanel brings to us.

Time for Spring

Outside, it is anything but Spring.
Inside, a declaration, or a question of Spring?   

Always, it's a matter of time.
Just a little Spring, added to my shop.

Did you notice my new design? Can you see the church in the background of the header? 

Pink at the 2010 Grammy's and Grey Decor

I admit, I am a fan of Pink. The color and the person. I love the fact that  she can sing with her rocker voice, and the next moment can turn around and sing a beautiful ballad.  Pink first "spoke to me" years ago as I held my daughter in my arms. During the course of a television interview she talked about what it means to be a girl, and the strength every girl needs to be herself, not a cookie cutter image of someone else.  Just last year, as she was separated from her hubby, she described him as "still yummy".  It was a joy to see them together at the grammys, and both looking so yummy!    

My favorite grammy 2010 dress, by far. It was layered, color blocked, and a little blingy. This dress proved to be glamourous and sexy, but not trashy. It was also soft and feminine, but not too foofy. The long earrings.....
perfect, and the silver hollywood clutch, so glam. The colors perfect for her, but these colors are also perfect for decorating!

Grey is the peaceful color. It surrounds us with calmness, but also sophistication and elegance. It can wrap us in a haven of contentment as the world around us goes in many directions.

Just like with Pink's dress, grey looks wonderful when used with graduated grey colors; white to black. 
Grey can take on a masculine look, so if you want more of a feminine look add something with curves, (like the table in the picture above), or ruffles, (like the shower curtain below). Lovin the ruffles!

The curves in the picture below include the wallpaper, the chairs, and even the feminine side table pulls. This kitchen is singing a ballad to me!
The bedroom picture (below) is the perfect mix of how grey can be both feminine and masculine. The masculine four straight poster  bed and heavy solid window drapes are paired with a feminine sheer bed curtain and round table. It's a perfect mix for a master bedroom.
Grey is also a great decorating color because it can be paired with ANY COLOR. Look how luscious the jewel tones look against a grey wall.


Isn't this picture (above) FABULOUS? It's from designer Sally Conran. She takes the grey, black, and white, AND totally rocks it with hot pink.  

So my girlfriend, Pink, I'm standing in line to borrow that gorgeous grey dress of yours, (insert laughter as I can only wish I could fit into that teeny tiny waist).  You did look fabulous. 


Jennifer Lopez with Jimmy Choo Mandah Hobo

Jennifer Lopez looks really fierce in her intense red dress with the wild-looking Jimmy Choo Mandah Hobo.

Anyway, so obviously her whole outfit including that red pumps, show more of her really wild side. Her hair is also a factor since it comes really messy, but what probably gave us the impression of her appeal is the Jimmy Choo Mandah Hobo. The leopard-print on the ponyskin complements well and it indeed shows a really wild design. Though it somewhat tells of a boho-chic fashion, looking how Jennifer carried it with her ensemble simply shows that it could also do such.

Jennifer Lopez with Jimmy Choo Mandah Hobo

So aside from being an eye-catching purse, this also shows practicality with its large size. It also comes with a press stud pocket on the front, plus two zipped pockets and two patch pockets on the inside. Now if that seems small for you, you can use the gold tone fastening zip on the front to increase its size. This bag also comes with a logo tablet on the front, and can be carried through the brown leather handles with gold tone hardware.

Seeing Jennifer Lopez carry such Jimmy Choo Mandah Hobo bag, you know this is not some cheap bag right? Besides, it’s from Jimmy Choo, and indeed, this bag retails for around $2,911. Why not hunt for a Replica Jimmy Choo Bag at LOUISVUITTONBAGMALL.

Neve Campbell and Her Fabulous Bottega Veneta Bag

Guys just tell me have you seen Neve Campbell or known something about him before? I think that Neve Campbell is not so popular.

Neve Campbell was born in 1973 in Ontario, Canada. She came from a entertainment performance family. Her father is an England man, Middle School drama teacher while her mother is a Netherlands woman, an actress. Neve has one younger sister called Christine and one elder sister named Alex Sikanbeier. When she was in her nine years old, she join the Canadian National Ballet school for the reason that she was fond of dancing.

neve campbell resurfaces with bottega veneta

This ex Party of Five star was recently seen outside in Beverly Hills yet seems sophisticated with her Bottega Veneta Large Woven Tote. Judging from her entire look, it is spot on and chic, just like a motorcycle lady. See how she paired her clothes, her dark jeans, the pair of boots, black top and coat. All are the things that I love. Everything works in a harmonious and perfect way. This kind of look that I think can serve as an example for many celebrities. Sometimes a sport look can bring you a relaxed and casual feeling. At the same time, the sport look has a understated sophistication and elegance. But the perfect look has a lot to do with the Bottega Veneta bag. If the Bottega Veneta bag is replaced by any other bags like Gucci handbag, it might not bring this kind of effect. The color and the style match her outfits so well. And it also will never get out of fashion. I like her and I just like sporty Bottega Veneta bag.

Louis Vuitton Speedy Sizes, Which Size Do You Like Best?

It is known to us all that Louis Vuitton is renowned for various kinds of products, especially the handbags. Speedy series are just one kind of designs among so many famous handbags. Here I have got three sizes Louis Vuitton Speedy handbags, which means you will definitely find the very right size for you. There are 25cm LV Monogram Canvas Speedy, 30cm LV Damier Canvas Speedy and 35cm LV Watercolor Speedy. Which on ewill you choose?

louis vuitton speedy trifecta bag

Anyway, Louis Vuitton Handbags is worthwhile. The first reason is that Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag goes with everything, from casual jeans to cocktail dress. The second reason is that Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag is made of calf skin and isof course good in use. Monogram canvas is lightweight, soft, strong and sturdy. Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag with it’s notorious monogram canvas and classic silhoette has been chic though times goes by. The last one is that Louis Vuitton Speedy Handbag is ideal for travel since it will hold all your belongings.

Personally speaking, I really like the 35. I don’t think I will choose the 40 though, its just too large for me. I love the character that the canvas has larger sizes though it has that nice slouch. 30 Speedy is also perfect. But maybe you would think for most Asian like you and I, you prefer the 25. It is not as slouchy as the monogram. Actually I had Speedy 25 Damier Ebene before. But I only carried it when I went out. The big bag was enough for my essentials, but too small when I used it to do some shopping outside.

In one sentence, I love Speedy bags. They are so classic and chic that is worth buying.

Nagoya Louis Vuitton Store

In the Nagoya Louis Vuitton store, Eric Carlson's design provides art trend for Japan's gift packaging.

Perhaps out of modesty, or out of courtesy, or he really wants to tell the real true feelings for the people who want to hear his thoughts. Whatever out of what kinds reasons, whenever being asked about where was his own design of Louis Vuitton store, first Eric Carlson would praised the work of Nagaishi Architecture. It consists of a number of spiral of an aluminum structure, aluminum decorative treatment with spraying. These aluminum are vertically placed in the glass curtain wall. Under the influence of the metal halide, the faint outer building automatically adjust the light when it becoming dark. Carlson said the building's exterior design draws on the Japanese art of gift packaging. In this exquisite box R21; both modern and gucci goods are available as well as leather goods and shoes, male and female-type clothing.

Nagoya Louis Vuitton store

Eric Carlson is a former director of the Ministry of Construction of Louis Vuitton. He left the company in 2004 after that he established his own company Carbondale. Then he proceeded to establish his own flagship store in the Champs-Elysees. Now, the region has become the best in France among the seven tourist destinations. Every day of the weekend could attract 4000 tourists to come to visit it. You might think that Eric Carlson would cease his steps after winning so many awards. However, this 9600 square feet high-level multi-storey clothing shop has proved that he continues to make progress.

Asians Have Become Louis Vuitton's ATM

Based on the survey of 2009, Louis Vuitton is referred as the most popular luxury brands in China. Yet some people tend to think that if Louis Vuitton wants to continue to rule the world in the future, it should not let the wealthy Chinese go. As a matter of fact, not only in China, LV also enjoys its popularity in many other Asian countries as well.

Louis Vuitton in the pockets

I came to know a Shanghai fan of Louis Vuitton who went to the store to buy Louis Vuitton then she took a crowded bus outside. She told me that she led a frugal life in order to save money for Louis Vuitton handbags and Gucci handbags. There are two reasons for her crazy action. The first one is that everyone knows that prices are too high and is a powerful illustration of the identity and status. The other reason is that it is easy to match clothes. Being not obtrusive when doing some sports and appropriate when for an appointment. It has a high utilization rate. However, some people just do not agree with that the young ladies carrying the LV handbags. A person in Beijing who is responsible for corporate recruiting told that in Beijing in 2009 college graduates Recruitment conference, it was full of Louis Vuitton bags."If what they carried were anthentic Louis Vuitton handbags, how could they afford to employ them. If they were fake, those who loved vanity were not the right persons we choosed.

As for Louis Vuitton, the pace of development in India is not so quick as imagination. Louis Vuitton opened the first store in New Delhi, India in 2003. Up till now, only five stores have been opened in India. "Global Times" journalists recently visited New Delhi, a Louis Vuitton store in an upscale mall. Although now is the New Year shopping season, there are not many customers. This is a large shopping mall across India nowadays. We can see that only a small portion of people can afford luxury goods like Louis Vuitton in India. Most of the young students said that they have heard about Louis Vuitton, but they never have the idea to buy one.

Celebrites Love Functional yet Stylish Botkier Handbags

Monica Botkier had been a fashion photographer for The Fader, Surface, Nylon, Mademoiselle, Fitness and Seventeen in NYC for several years. However, she has focused on handbag design with great passion. Having searching for a perfect handbag, she decided to create her own handbags. Therefore, the brand of Botikier was born.

Celebrities love Botkier Handbag

Function and fashion meet in Botkier’s designer handbags. The functional, multipurpose pockets are considerately designed among her handbags for holding your keys, cell phone and cards to prevent your handbag in a muddle. Besides, the style of Botikier handbags is still sophisticated and exquisite. Botkier has established a devoted fan base in the US and around the world. Each season the Botkier collections, consisting of approximately 40 different silhouettes, have a continued success with respected stores such as Barney’s New York, Fred Segal, Harvey Nichols and Neiman Marcus, as well as with prominent social, artistic fashion icons.

Botkier has created a niche in the market where there was a void and approachable designer brand. Its accessories embody luxury through custom detailing, innovation and quality while focusing on functionality. Reality for the modern woman. Important too is the price, sitting just under the high-end designers labels. Botkier is at a unique vantage point and position in the market. An independent brand that marries luxury with utility. In terms of aesthetics, Botkier has a downtown edge, a certain seduction factor. There is something very exciting about hardware and leather; this synergy creates a direct and easy way to express oneself.

Nick Cannon with Louis Vuitton New Greenwhich Travel Bag

We tend to report the female celebrities who carry the designer handbags in streets or attend different ceremonies. We seldom report the male celebrities. This time, I make some changes and give something refreshing to you.

Let's pay our attention to Nick Cannon. It is known to us all that Mariah Carey married Nick Cannon. From the date when they engaged with each other and then married, the couple has been inseparable. It is so sweet to see the two persons live a happy life. Earlier when Maria filmed the MV of his new song "I'll Be Lovin 'U Long Time", Nick Cannon has gone to Tiffany, and Louis Vuitton to buy gifts for her. Maybe he is also a fan of Louis Vuitton. Because he bought Louis Vuitton for Mariah Carey and this time he is spotted with a Louis Vuitton.

Nick Cannon was spotted outside the MTV Studios in Times Square, Midtown Manhattan. With his Louis Vuitton Monogram Macassar Canvas New Greenwhich Travel Bag, he looks quite sophisticated. To say his clothes, He has a full suit of three pices that looks quite casual with his shirt and the tie. I guess maybe in the early time, you might have worn this tie on. I just feel it was familiar. The Louis Vuitton Monogram Macassar Canvas New Greenwhich Travel Bag he is travelling with, how to say, is classic and in dark color. If I say that Nick Cannon is the person whom I see carries Louis Vuitton often, you might say I am totally wrong. But it is sure that you will agree with me that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are all in favor of Louis Vuitton handbags.