Bits & Pieces

Sadie at Lollishops is having a Bits & Pieces Challenge. How could I resist when the theme is Valentines, and I get to use bits and pieces? Part of the fun is finding bits and pieces at thrift stores, flea markets, rummage sales, online auctions and stores, and in your own home.
On a regular painter's canvas, I used a few different paint techniques, as well an eiffel tower stamp.  I really like the shimmery silver.

I was in a girly girl mood and chose vibrant colors of fuschia and pink, with an accent of black.  Perfect for a girl's room.   

I incorporated glass glitter, flocked paper, rhinestones, a velvet flower,  silver heart, velvet ribbon, and vintage jewelry into this collage.

It's not A Bit of Heaven without sparkle, and I have to tell you, I have hoarded a lot of  admired vintage jewelry through the years. The flower bouquet pin was part of my collection for about 2 years. After I went through a 12 step program realized how beautiful it would look on this collage,  I was glad to give it up. I added it to this flocked heart. It does look fabulous:) 

Blessings, Ele

Rachel Bilson with Chanel

When I first sight at these photoes, Sigh, I want to like this look, but I just can’t. I really can’t. Rachel Bilson is such a cute girl and she is usually spot on with her casual cool looks. However, there is something completely amiss with what she has going on here. Especially for her bad jeans with holes, this jeans made her outfit very bad looking. It is unsuitable for her other dress and accesories.

rachel bilson with chanel

Rachel was spotted leaving a hair salon in Beverly Hills, CA carrying a gorgeous Chanel Flap. It’s not often we see celebs carrying brown Chanel bags,she often take a Louis Vuitton one, so I give her a high-five for that. I also like her cozy looking sweater; it makes me want one too. These show her always style about casual. But that is about all I like. Her boyfriend jeans make her look way short. I’m not quite sure if it is because she’s rolled up the bottom of the jeans or perhaps it is because they are too baggy for her petite frame. At the same time, if that is all I can complain about, seems like her outfit isn’t that bad after all. But this jeans is really not matchable her outfit.

All Stars Love Chanel and Prada, Why the Brands Are so Luxurious?

Only a limited edition Tiffany necklace values more than a million yuan and a crocodile Hermes handbag is over one million. The aristocratic love luxury. In what ways are luxury goods at? In my opinion, it is because of the effect of brands and the word "limited" .

Prada handbag

Prada limited edition handbags is specailly designed for the reopenning of the Prada stores in Shanghai, China, Hang Lung. Guests can make a choice between the numbers 1 to 36 according to their own preferences.

Chanel introduced the most luxurious handbag in history called "Diamond Forever". This handbag is made of the most precious material. On the masterpiece of white matte crocodile skin, there are 18K white gold base, from 334 heavy diamonds (a total of 3.56 karats) consisting of pairs of C logo. Its price is eye-popping, from 260 thousand U.S. dollars to 260,150 U.S. dollars with the limited sale of only 13.

In 1837, Thierry Hermes founded a harness factory. As the third-generation family business, it decided to shift the production line to leather goods and luggage. In 1920, the corporate headquarter of Hermes was founded. In 1937, triggered by a jockey coat inspired the birth of the first love Mashi Si towel and widely praised. In 1956, the classic Kelly Bag was available. We all can see that Victoria Beckham loves. She can be called the Queen carrying Birkin Bag. It is said that she has already had 800 Hermes bag.

Tiffany is famous for silver and diamonds and six claw inlay design is its most prestigious design. The use of diamonds inlaid on the ring platform on child care will be extremely diamond flash point of honor to upgrade is still widely respected.

From these, we can sum up the brand and the word "limited" do help a lot.

Leighton Meester wearing Louis Vuitton outfit with Louis Vuitton minibag

Leighton Meester is really a idol. The more I see of Leighton Meester on the red carpet, the more I like her even there is rumour that she might be completely insanity. And I am doubting that. Leighton is younger, so her insanity is not as advanced or robust as MiMi’s, but give her some time, I don’t think she’ll disappoint us. She has already started to cultivate a bizarre little singing career side project thingy, complete with a weird, kitschy video that didn’t appear to be kitschy in an ironic way.

leighton meester wearing louis vuitton outfit with louis vuitton minibag

She also wears many different, off-kilter things on the red carpet, which I absolutely love her sytle. She takes more chances than the average starlet on a teen drama would ever dream of, and it often pays off in spades. I have to say that I love this outfit and the Louis Vuitton Minibag from 2010 Spring/Summer which she’s carrying with it. This bag is really new collection. Only some VIP from Louis Vuitton or celebrities can have. Another reason why I so love her sytle is not only the dress and bags are from Louis Vuitton, but also she combine the dress and bag look very matchable. The colors, the outlook logo, her hair etc. Anyway, everything is so nice on her outlfit. She is really a fashion icon without any doubt.

Are you going to dressing and carrying some luxury bags like her? Pls visit Louis Vuitton Handbags Mall to choose some Louis Vuitton bags for you.

The Era of IT BAG

The upcoming spring and summer of 2010 is knocking at the door and major brands have put forward the commercials one by one. There are little interesting things on the season's ads that. Those which occupy the important position of the brand image are bags, the so-called IT BAG.


The first category: Classic and practical, with Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuittonn as the representitive. To begin with, the professional line of Prada Classic. The first advertisement of spring and summer of 2010 is this law-abiding professional bags, an emphasis on low-profile middle-class women's favors. Imagine a woman who carries the bag should be: lawyers, executives, professional women. Too fashionable clothes do not match the bags.

Prada it bag

Therefore, it can be seen that Prada does not want to sell its handbags to the the little girls who are not stylish and have no money in pockets.

The second it Ferragamo, leisurely housewife style. Prada takes professional women as its core, then the Ferragamo is targeted at those who are low-key middle-class housewives haing money and leisure brings. They want large handbags which should be simple and practical, strong but not gaudy. You can not only put bottles but also goods you purchase after shopping. You say, "fashionable"? What we need is "not out of fashion".

Ferragamo it bag

The second category is Miu Miu. Fendi, Mulberry, Christian Dior are the representatives.

As for Fendi, briefcase is hot. This Peek a boo briefcase became one of the best-selling IT BAG with its practicality and elegant retro styles since 2009. It is also the trump of Fendi spring and summer 2010. I believe the performance will not be bad. Such a bag, that is, 40 years later, it is estimated, however, still fashionable.

Christian Dior, a return to the elegant era. This season, Dior again is in the same old tune, creating its golden period "40 era." Python-patterned Detective series briefcase, elegant and retro, both the merits of French-style boyish, and also uphold lady style.

If you don't want to be driven away by the trend, you must also have an IT BAG!

Prada 2010 Early Spring Miami Tropical Hangbags

Prada 2010 early spring Cruise Collection Series pops up with high fashion and will combine the elements of those from Miami Beach and the surfing world with the elegant fabrics. There are so many places applying repeatedly to "tie" approach, such as coats, scarfs, swimwear and so on. This "knot" will reflect gentle femininity in the shades of dark color and light color.

Prada handbags 2010 Pic1

A large number of colorful spray scrolls, flowers and Patterns printing, as well as the bright multi-colors are throughout the series of early spring. As for the paring of the clothes, a pink print western style dress, bikini hot pants of print scarf and bright color shirts filled with a tropical vacation atmosphere are the main tones. Knotted printed scarves with the use of a butterfly is the focus of this season. They appear in irregular T-shirt collar and sleeves, skirt and wrap on the article and shoes and other accessories, with the light flowing gait exuding charm and elegant style.

Prada handbags 2010 Pic2

Although the clothes are chic, I find that the most attractive factor in this early spring show is the handbag full of Miami Tropical flavor. The most fascinating parts in early spring is the lovely color print bag with the scarf sandals of the same color that show youthful vigor of the first breath of spring. A range of exquisite leather accessories are the focus of this seaso. Prada classic leather embossed material is widely used, showing luxury sport style while the pastel colors completely express the romantic style of the holiday.

Kim Kardashian with Chloe Shelby Leather Shopper

Kim Kardashian, an American celebutante, socialite, model, actress and businesswoman, was recently spotted carrying a Shelby Leather Shopper from Chloe. It’s like she just got from or just about to go to the gym with her very relaxed attire. The bag looks kind of off for her overall facade, since the bag screams sophistication and not sporty. But anyway, this once again proves that Kim Kardashian always gets the latest in the fashion industry.

Chloe Shelby Leather Shopper

The bag costs around USD2,175 which is, without a doubt, a really expensive piece. It is crafted from black calfskin leather which measures about 14 x 13 x 7.5 inches, just right for a shopper size. Gold tone hardware simply accents the bag’s almost dull look, transforming it in to a wow totality. It also has double thin belts on the sides for additional design, although that I think, speaks of no use. It has an interior snap tab closure and has an additional zipped pocket on the inside.

It may not be as luxurious as her other designer bags, but still, the expensive tag already tells that this could really be part of her elegant collection. Let’s see if this will also be Kim Kardashian’s favorite, since the bag is very classic, and would be versatile to use on every ensemble and occasion. You can buy some Chole replica handbags on Louis Vuitton Handbags Mall at very good price.

Je t'adore

Je t'aime, I love you, Je t'adore, I adore you, Tu es ma joie de vivre,  You are the joy of my life, Tu es mon mon amour, You are my love, Mon amour pour toi est ├ęternel, My love for you is eternal, Mon amour pour toi est si grand que le Mond, My love for you is as grand as the world...


When talking about Valentines Day, I just couldn't resist sharing a bit of the French love language  with you.  

Valentines with crinkled seam binding, vintage jewels, crepe ruffles, and glass glitter,  just might say, "Je t'aime".  


Je t'adore, I adore you.

I adore you for being a follower and for your words of encouragement.


Each Person Should Have a Balenciaga handbag

I guess maybe you are a fan of Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Hermes. Maybe you know much about Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Hermes, but know little about Balenciaga. Well, it is of importance for you to know that I’m an unapologetic Balenciaga fan. I have ever got a Balenciaga handbag. In my point of view, those who know how to pet their own terms shall buy a Balenciaga handbag.

Balenciaga city bag

Luxurious, classic, fashionable, practical, wild and difficult to outdated, highly-esteem, these are nothing more to make a woman has at least a Balenciaga handbags reasons. But in fact, faced with such exciting charmed handbag, a large amount of reasons is also superfluous.

Maybe for most people, they would just regard one of Balenciaga handbags as the future purchase and here I have got some suggestions to drive you to take the plunge.

To begin with, handbags of this brand are much difficult to find both online and stores than other big brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Unless you are lucky enough to live in the most fashionable cities in the world, that you almost never see another woman with one. So it is not so easy for one to buy as some people said that everyone has a Balenciaga motorcycle bag and it is played out.

The second reason is that its lightweight feature. It is ight as a feather, but not so hard as a board. Balenciaga offers the lightest handbags that I’ve ever seen.

The third one is its colors. The colors it offers varies from browns, beige to the brightest ones. Neons, brown and anythinf else are also available. You can buy a handbag of your favourite color.

Also the special shape is the feature of Balenciaga handbags. All in all, there are the purposes why I write this article to make you convice about this brand. If you are still inconvinced, you might buy one in person, and find the turth by yourself.


Dreaming of Hollyhocks surrounding my church studio, just as the snow and ice storm is scheduled to arrive.

You've seen this picture before, and it's equally beautiful, but today I'm not in a snow mood, I'm in a Hollyhock mood. Summertime means: the sweet smell of grass, dirt in my fingernails, the sun on my face, frolicking amongst the wild flowers, twirling my new dress from Anthropologie whilst engaging in tomfollery on the open prairie. 

Had you going didn't I? 

For now, I'll just pour a cup of hot chocolate, turn on the fireplace, and snuggle with my favorite blanket. If I feel brave, I'll put on my boots and head over to my snow covered studio. It's always peaceful in there.

Thoughts and prayers for the people of Haiti,

White Out

Whites, creams, and ecru combine for white out conditions, and I'm not talking about the kind of white out conditions I'm privy to in the Midwest. The talk is all about decorating with lack of color or hue, and in artsy terms, a surface that REFLECTS EVERY color, thus appears white. 

My favorite white basket is filled with an off white china plate, a silver plate, and a distressed thingamajig (thingamajig: item with absolutly no purpose, but adding color or texture). My black pedestal table displays a candlestick, a vintage pottery piece, a children's tea set and a glittered star.   

When putting together vignettes of one color, (or in this case, lack of color), choose pieces with texture and variations of the same color. Think of visual texture as the glue that holds it all together. If all the pieces were glossy or matte they would seem to slide away.  The weave of the basket adds visual texture that allows the sleekness of the pottery and silver pieces to (visually) stick together.  The pottery and the thingamajig add another type of glue due to their distressed appearance.  Even the star contrasts and adds texture against a glossy tea service. I like it simply for the pop of sparkle :) 

I prefer combining white with its complementary color: black. This works well for me because I have touches of black around my home, like the table where this vignette sits. I added silver pieces because black and white mixed together makes gray (silver).  Easy peasy. Get it? But, remember the best rule when combining items, do you like it?   

My friend Mary at Vintage Patina really knows how to use white and creams in her home. The following pictures are from her Christmas post, (I know, I just can't let Christmas go).

Look at those textures! 
 This is the kind of white out I don't mind!

DIY: The star in the little silver children's teapot is an easy do it yourself project. You can buy chipboard stars already cut out at your local hobby store. Paint the star silver, and glitter away!

Blessings, Ele

Marc Jacobs Marries Lorenzo Martone in the Wedding Party or Not?

There is a piece of news about Louis Vuitton head handbag designer Marc Jacobs that stating that it was not true about that the designer married Lorenzo Martone this week. And it also adds that this week a certain person would have a party for these two lovers. But it can not be defined as a wedding. There is a report saying that the couple is still under an engaged status. There is a party with two grooms who are in white and a beautiful wedding cake. Judged from the wedding cake, it is like a theme party. To be more specific, a wedding theme party.

Marc Jacobs with his boyfriend

It gives us this kind of feeling that Marc Jacobs is so eager to marry Lorenzo Martone. Ten days ago, Guest Of A Guest reported that Marc Jacobs was seen tie the knot with Lorenzo Martone in St. Barts where the two lovers took a vacation. I have also report this piece of news in my blog before. To come back to the party, there were several photos of Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone in the ceremony. From the pictures, we can see that Marc Jacobs wearing his signature kilt in bridal white and their wedding cake.

The marriage rumors about this sweet couple go on and on and go the rounds. Hence sometimes confliction about the news are found. Do you remember that was a report in 2008 saying that they married in France. Then after, they claimed that the couple just got married in Massachusetts and Provincetown. In these regions, homosexual marriage is legal. What was more, in August last year, Marc Jacobs told Elle that he was so thankful and amused that he and Lorenzo Martone can share the happiness an hardships of life together. He also confirmed that they also get along well with each other.

Anyway, even though I regard it as an incredible relationship, I like the extraordinary designer. And I also agree with someone who said that it was amazing how this man was our generations idol to make a difference and be himself. More information you cant go to Louis Vuitton handbags Mall.

Love Yves Saint Laurent the Way as Kylie Minogue

Women always need many, many clothes, a lot of shoes and a lot of bags. So among so many different handbags, there is always a favorite kind in the heart of a certain lady. The trend has changed all the time and will follow the latest fashion. But it is a favorite kind of hangbags that even the famous stars will treasure. The shiny moment in the red carpet is just a presentation to people. And behind the stage, actress have their own favorite bags. I have got some information about some. Keira Knightley is said loves Miu Miu;Lily Cole is said likes her Prada Cerro Antik while Lindsay Lohan is siad likes Chanel. And I did see many times Kylie Minogue with her YSL.

Yves Saint Laurent bag

This time, I again saw her with her "lover", Yves Saint Laurent and her real lover, Andres Velencoso. When should I begin? Kylie Minogue is an inspiration for us, I think. As we all know that she has ever had a cancer in the breast. At last, she could survivor and recovered.I don't mean it was like the plot of a drama. Not really. Anyway, seeing her fine and getting along well with Andres Velencoso, I am very happy.

In the picture, Kylie looks very energetic and full of life. There is a amature photographer following her. The outfit of Kylie is very extraordinary even though in a casual way. The black top and the simple jeans plus a pair of cool sunglasses. And the spotlight, a Yves Saint Laurent Roady that can top off her whole look. Actually, in the past, I have no special feelings about Yves Saint Laurent and its louis handbags. But I like Kylie Minogue who likes Yves Saint Laurent handbags. And I begin to pay more attention to this brand. Finally I also fall in love with this designer. I think it is great all around the world.

Louis Vuitton Suhali Leather,Your Right Choice!

A right and proper handbag can reflect elegant fashion taste and feminine temperament of a lady. Thus, it is of importance for ladies of fashion lovers to find out an appropriate bag for themselves. No doubt that handbags of the top fashion brand, to say Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes and Christian Dior are be the best choices for them.

louis vuitton suhali leather bag

I haven't written Louis Vuitton handbags for a few days, but I came across one series of Louis handbags, a classica style. In my opinion, it is a perfect handbag that is worthy of being shared with you my dear friends. You are too worried about what kind of it? It is Louis Vuitton Suhali Leather handbag.

As I mentioned before, a right and proper handbag can reflect elegant fashion taste and feminine temperament of a lady. This Louis Vuitton Suhali Leather handbag is by all means a right and proper handbag that can reflect your fashion taste and femininity. In particular, it is the ideal friend of OL. Now I would like also tell you some secrets about it.

As its name indicates, that Louis Vuitton Suhali Leather is made of Suhali leather that has the dual properties, durability and suppleness. With the polished golden brass pieces, it looks glittering and shiny.

Focus your attention on the S-lock. Have you found that it is shining all the way? The lock seems delicate and also secure. With this lock, you can put your essentials in it and be at ease. As for the inside of the bag, the lining is Micro Monogram satin while the trim is tinted with the contrasting topstitching. You can also find it function with a interior pocket and two exterior zip pockets which are so spacious for your belongs. You don't have to worry about that the shape of the bag will be distorted. There are four square studs with the LV initials. Dimension is also something you care for. Well, it has a measurement of 12.6 x 7.9 x 5.9. Inch to buy now?

Renee Zellweger with Prada, Tough?

There is one thing that we have repeated for so many times, that is, Renee Zellweger is strange in dressing. It is no denying that she looks perfect and brilliant in some parties and on some occasions. But sometimes she is most likely clad in some sleek Carolina Herrera creation.

Renee Zellweger wear a Prada bag

There was one time when Renee Zellweger carried two bags together with her. That time, she look peak. It might be a result of the relationship between the composition of brown top with black trousers. The color combination itself is no longer attractive. I only want to say her whole outfit didn't necesserily to form a contrast with her handbags. We know how luxurious the handbags were. Even if I were to carry only one, I will ensure that I would somehow seem noble, even though I wear casual clothes.

Here, for example, in the picture you see that she’s toting a chic and classic black leather Prada Cross-Body Tote, yet her whole outfit does not get along well with the wonderfully simple tote. Her outfit seems that it is proper for a light hiking but not hanging about LA. I didn't mean that I’m opposed to her outfits. As a matter of fact, I am a person who likes hiking. The problem is that I will not wear that kind of clothes or outfit when fooling around the downtown.

I know that actress Renee Zellweger keeps it casual while shopping. That is her way. But why? I am not the one that wants all celebrities to be impeccably chic and modern at all times. But the point is that as a fashion consumer, I want to see some good examples on how to dress and how to buy. I just want to define all my ideas wrong here, and I might not think that I think that Renee Zellweger's dressing style is rough and weird. Maybe it’s just a unique Renee. What is your opinion?

Blair with Louis Vuitton

Blair with Louis Vuitton

In what field do we see the name of Tony Blair often? It is in political field, right? Not only. Have you ever imagined that one day the name will be connected with the luxury fashion? I guess you haven't. Let us have a look about what happened indeed.

It is reported that this former prime minister is about to take an consulting role in the luxury goods alliance LVMH that has a list of big brands including Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs and Givenchy.

It is said that now Blair has been already in the last step of discussing pay of six figures at the group that under the name of Bernard Arnault, the most wealthy person of France as well as the old friend of the former politician. These two encountered each other in the final years of his leaderships.

There comes up with a piece of news that Blair stated in the Daily Telegraph newspaper today, saying that the whole thing is just an agreement in principle or in oral yet they haven't signed a contract.He also added that it is no denying that he won't take part in the board but he will serve as a consulting role and work closely with Mr Arnault. As a matter of fact, what he does concerning this job has something to do with exploring new cumstomers.

Blair is thought to appoint his advisory role at LVMH later this year. What do you think of this piece of news? Do you think that surprising and inspiring?

Pair With Louis Vuitton Handbags in A Good Taste Way

As for Louis Vuitton handbags, there are two symbols. One symbol is that it is a reflection of a person who is very tolerant and having luxurious sense while the other shows that this person is in poor state just like the upstart. Have you ever thought of which group of people do you belong to? And do you want to do with the first group? Then you will have to do much on the paring through learning the super stars in street and parties. In this way, you will not have to worry about that your charming temperament will not show up.

Then just follow me to see how the super stars do the matching. As a representative of the young actress, Ashley Tinsdale, is seen with the overall casual fashion. The Louis Vuitton handbags show the introverted nature of her! A square Louis Vuitton is a casual style being more suitable for poeple of low-key luxury! For Ashley Tinsdale, the Trolley Case is really a luxurious item!

Louis Vuitton bag

Holding a black Louis Vuitton bag, Jessica Simpson is also a trendsetter. The hand pulling Louis Vuitton is very luxurious!

Freida Pinto appears with an outstanding effect with her pairing the red and with the blue Louis Vuitton handbags. You see, Louis Vuitton handbags can also bring you a delicate flavor.

Madonna is more chic with the graffiti Louis Vuitton holding in hand. The graffiti bag is popular nowadays.

It is absolute that the aristocratic love luxury, absolute! Kim Kardashian is also of no exception. Lindsay Lohan, holding Louis Vuitton in this way, looks like with a fake bag! Miranda Kerr sexy fashion Fan children people's admiration, LV accessories but she just!

Louis Vuitton bag

Miranda Kerr made the trend of LOOK's also full of characteristics. Louis Vuitton is also a good choice.

Sarah Jessica Parker, wearing a full Glitter Powder, brilliant enough! Vanessa Minnillo, LV re-packets with ladies vintge feelings. Holly Madison, super pleasant little bag, but it was one of the most copied handbags!

Luxury Online: Hermes Handbags

“A lot of people today pay more and more attention to hangbags, especially those of designer handbags. Luxury handbags are becoming a craze today among people and are thought hingly of by ladies as a good way to show off or presence their good taste as well as to flaunt their wealth.

LVbagmall is a warmly-welcomed online retailer that takes the honor to introduce its latest series of Hermes handbags. At, we mainly focus on offering exclusive replica and Hermes bags at the competitive prices. We offer a wide range of Hermes handbags including Hermes Evelyne bags, Hermes Birkin Bags, Hermes Kelly Bags, Hermes wallets such kinds of Hermes collections. Our designer Hermes handbags collection win popularity with their chic and simple design. With a goal to get a competitive edge above our competitors and win over them, we provide you the availability of our original designer bags at resonable prices. This is also the tenet of our Lvbagmall.

Alluring and various shapes and designs are the Hermes handbags offered by us which accord to clients demands. The prices at which we sell are lower than our competitors but the hangbags we offer are more availbale. Through this official website, the beloved clients can have a careful look at our Hermes handbags and you are welcome to place the order of delivery online when you have already made a choice. will not let you down by the safe and on-time delivery of the handbags to your destinations. For more charming and fascinating Hermes handbag, please just go to for your convenient luxury online.

Aqua Dreams

Aquamarine: a transparent, pale bluish-green variety of beryl, used in jewelry, is a color that is found throughout my home. For me, it's tranquil and calming. Did you know that aqua works as a neutral base when combined with bright red, orange, yellow, or lime? I'll show you room examples towards the end of this post. First, I made a little mosaic of aqua items found in my home. 
   (click mosaic to enlarge)

Isn't the little girl with the crown  sweet? She was made by Pam Keravuori. The faux sugar cookie was made by Jennifers Petal Palace.

The following pictures are examples of red, yellow, lime, and orange against aqua backdrops.   

I appreciate the touch of black (picture frames) in this picture. It adds balance to the bright pillows and grounds the room.

Aqua dreams?
Blessings, Ele 

Cute baby scrubs from

Marc Jacobs Has a Date with China

MARC JACOBS SPECIAL ITEMS always use the United States as its creative base. This time, Robert Duffy, the business partner of this brand's designer and founder Marc Jacobs, made an exception to make a crossover with Beijing and Hong Kong. They intend to have a good time with the Hong Kong fans.

Marc jacobs pic

In Postcard Tee which is Filled with a sense of design, respectively print on Marc Jacobs store addresses of Beijing Shin Kong Central and Hong Kong Landmark. The series has been launched with a limited edition in Shanghai Citic Square shops, as well as Marc By Marc Jacobs, Beijing Traders Mall shops, Marc. How can fans miss it!

Marc Jacobs Special Item tips:

Those who went to New York knows that the fashion street Bleeker street is rich in historical and cultural atmosphere. There is a Marc Jacobs Special Items shop that sold T-shirts, rings, sandals and other goods at a friendly price. It is surprising to all, So fans around the world are flocking to Marc Jacobs. Now, people no longer have to go to the United States to buy Marc Jacobs Special Item series,unlike the Louis Vuitton Special item always need to buy in France.

In order to repay the enthusiastic support of the Chinese fans, Beijing Shin Kong Heaven and Earth, the Beijing World Trade Shopping Mall, Shanghai CITIC Pacific Special Item shop introduce the Special Item series products in particular. They are not only exquisitely designed but also cheap. It has been a concern of young fans of Marc Jacobs and Gucci.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore Ursula Bag

Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore Ursula Bag

Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore Ursula Bag
Both stylish and modern, Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolor Ursula Bag is named from a famous cinema star, Ursula Andress, who is a Swiss actress and a major sex symbol of 1960s. She is well known for her soles as Bond Girl Hohey Rider in Dr. No. . Now I will introduce the characteristics of this fashionable Louis Vuitton handbags as below:

As the name description, it comes in the Monogram Multicolore canvas, natural cowhide straps and finishings and microfiber lining. The fresh and delicate combination presents us a cute, elegant and stylish bag. With the embellishments of polished golden brass pieces, rivets and eyelets, the Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore Ursula Bag reveals incredible sumptuousness as well as a touch of toughness. Besides, it has closure with the Louis Vuitton signature, adjustable opening via the straps while the corners is reinforced by rivets.

With the size of 16.1" x 10.6" x 6.7", this Louis Vuitton Ursula handbag is spacious enough as a everyday carryall and it is ingeniously designed with double inside compartment, patch pocket with a press stud and a cell phone compartment which ensure its practicality. Its wide opening and adjustable leather straps make it ideal for A4 format documents while the goden brass chain and natural cowhide strap make it to be stylishly carried on the shoulder. The tag price $2,220 may be a little expensive, but still reasonable for such an elegant, stylish and functional bag.

Candy-like IT Bag of Marc Jacobs

Just take a look at the current IT bags on sale in these years, then you will find nothing particular among so many choices. Why? As a matter of fact, they share a lot in common. So in what aspects? The fur of high quality, the excessive style, the the way of decoration and the inconspicuous logo. There are so many IT bags of some famous brands rank top in the IT BAG collection. Here I give you some examples. The first one is Balenciaga who created the rivet and fringe styles and its motorcycle bag tops onthe IT BAG list. Apart from Balenciaga, Mulberry also prevails thanks for its thick leather and the big bayswater. While Paddington bag has a super locked end. Fendi spy bags are always at a high price as well as Yves Saint Laurent.They are the experts on this list. Bags of these famous brands are now hitting the market. But are they to your liking? Is there a little more special choice?

Marc Jacobs handbag

I have got one to recommend to you guys. That is Marc Jacobs Elastic Stam. It is available for you to choose. I am sure that this one will be your next smart choice! Actually, this kind of Marc Jacobs stam bag was popular in the autumn of last year. It had been particularly mentioned by the teen idols of American new generation including Lindsay Lohan, Nicky Hilton and Hilary Duff. After that, it became a hot topic in the world market.

Stam Bag of this year, I should say, is full of elegance and excitement. You can easily find a multicolored Stam bag if you just wander in the streets or pay a visit to the exclusive shop of Marc Jacobs. They are very lovely and good-looking. The moment when you come across it, the first feeling of you will be that you are in a candy store. That is the feeling, so fantasitc?

Christmas in My Home

Welcome to my Home at Christmas, and Happy New Year!
Dining Room: silver, white, cool blues and all that glitters

Living Room: cool blue, cream, and a hint of pink

Sunroom- It was late in the afternoon when I took this picture and the snow really did look blue! Decor in brights: lime, turquoise, gold,  red and green

Main Floor Family Room: deep reds, red, blues, sprigs of white, and  vintage, or vintage look glass ornaments 

Kitchen: reds

Basement Family Room: red, green, and the kid's Christmas tree

God's blessings to you in the New Year,