Cupcake toppers

I have been making cupcake toppers. They are not only fun to make, but FUN TO USE! Stick these picks into pieces of cake, cupcakes, or brownies.


CRAFT TIP:  Use a craft punch or machine to cut out the two large scalloped shapes, also use cocktail toothpicks as they are longer the regular toothpicks.

  • cardstock, or heavy glitter paper
  • computer images, images from cards, decorative scrapbook paper, stickers,
  • craft glue (I like liquid)
  • cocktail toothpicks
  • two scalloped medallion craft punches; lrg. and med.
  1. Cut out two large scalloped medallions of glitter paper or heavy cardstock
  2. Cut out one medium scalloped medallion of printed images or decorative scrapbook paper, (for the center of your pick). 
  3. Insert a toothpick between the two lrg. medallions and glue medallions together.
  4. Glue med. medallion in the center of one lrg. medallion, or simply place a sticker in the middle. 
  5. Let dry, or
purchase from me.....gag, barf, gag!!!

Really.....have fun making your cupcake toppers and please share pictures! 

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Humble Pedestal Plates, or Party Divas?

Pedestal Plates are showing up everywhere. Who can blame them? Humble vintage china plates have a new purpose. They love being the center of attention and their self esteem has reached new heights. 

They showed up at my mother's birthday party here adding beauty, elegance, and function to the serving table. The different heights add visual interest.  I swear I heard them say, "na na nana na" to the flat serving platters.  

These divas started out as plates acquired at flea markets and rummage sales. New (bargain), and old candle holders were glued to the bottom of the plates.

Mismatched plates, bowls, and candleholders were used.

CRAFT TIP: While visiting blogs the other day, I found that "Organize and Decorate Everything" had a tutorial on this very same project!  Visit her Desert Stand post for a detailed how to.  She made great looking stands with new plates. The all white plates give the grouping a sense of unity, but the use of different plates and candleholders add a wonderful interesting mismatched feel. 

Blue sheer bows were added to my mismatched plates to unify them. If the vintage plate designs had fit into one color theme: pastels, brights, blues, reds, etc. this in itself would have provided a unified look. Because I had one bright plate mixed in with the pastels, they needed a common factor, (blue bows). 

"O.K. my party diva plates, play nice with the other serving pieces." 
"Play nice."

PS: If you want to watch a video that will make you smile. Click HERE. Really, it's worth it!

Changes and Balance

What has been going on in your life?
My Life in the Fall:  harvest time, dinner and supper in the field (LOVE), hauling cows and hay home, moving vehicles, giving rides, Mr. Pink Heaven's political trips- which means movie nights with my Pink Girl, trips to town, (which includes waiting, but I always have my craft supply bag with me), spending time with my mother, trying to avoid the horrid flu, but my household did not escape it. Thankfully, everyone is well right now.  
Like all of you trying to maintain the balanCe when life gets busy. 
Just remember to stop and look for God's blessings along the way. 

Oddly enough to help me "feel" balanced, I like to move furniture, take away decor,  and add decor. The changes don't have to be huge or costly, just change.
Changes= (satifying attention defeceit) Balance

I have shown you bits and pieces of the changes in my main floor family room, but had not shown you proper before and afters.

Objective #1
Eliminate Smaller Items (so the eye is not traveling all over the place)
This was achieved by taking away the antique buffet and adding a higher black curio so the eye has a place to rest. Do-dads, plates, and some pictures removed. The picture of my three kids on the wall stays. They are the heart of my home. I also moved the Kennedy rocker and added the black and white chair. A coffee table was added . You know I'm not matchy matchy, so I added a coffee table that is different then the curio. It works because the wood grain top coordinates with the floor and the black legs coordinate with the curio. The antique Chinese buffet was moved to the opposite wall. The area rug with the   hideous country nice blue border  was removed, and has new life in my son's basement. 

Objective #2
Update Lighting (HELLO, Can you hear me? It's not the 1980's)
Mr. Pink Heaven and son changed out the SOLID GOLD (pun intended)  light fixture with this chandelier.

Objective #3
Warm up the floor
I LOVE the original hardwood floors in this house. They are a beautiful golden color, but with cold weather on it's way, I wanted to warm things up. Winter time is a time for layers, even when it comes to floors! When it came to the bottom layer, the large area rugs I looked at where not the size or color I wanted.  A visit to the carpet store took place, and I chose to have a solid taupe carpet cut and bound to exact size of my choice.  The multicolored top rug, which adds a pop, was purchased at a discount store. It is placed directly on top of the taupe carpet, and under the coffee table. I was thrilled to find this rug as it matches the chair in the last post. Would you believe I trimmed the chair BEFORE I bought the rug. Sometimes things just work.

Objective #4
Fall it Up
Adding touches of Fall completes this room. I left the perimeter of the hardwood exposed, and added a few accessories. The gold pillow was replaced with a black and white chandelier pillow. A white pumpkin, Autumn  bouquet, and black crow candle were added to the coffee table. All give a sense of Fall and harvest, and life on a farm.

I like the changes. I feel balanced. For now.
Fall blessings to you,

Trim it Up

Don't forget the trimmings. 

I added thick luscious layers of trim to my little ole' chair. Two layers to be exact.  It takes a newly reupholstered chair to a different level.    

I chose a trim with tassles for the bottom layer.  I stapled right on top of the trim to adhere it to the chair. I love the way the tassles hang.

The top layer of trim, which consisted of thick beige loops of chenille and satin was placed so that the loops covered the staples of the bottom trim. The top trim was secured with upholstery tacs. 

Remember the three layers of trim that I put on my sitting room chairs here. The top layer of braid was glued on with E6000 to cover the staples.  

Trim it up!

Have a blessed week.