Welcome to the SECRET life of MANNEQUINS.

Do you ever wonder what happens late at night when the stores have closed, all the shoppers have departed and all the store window lights are turned off?

Do the shop window mannequins have a life of their own? Do they converse on the day's events, the clothes they have been forced to wear? Do they discuss the latest fashion gossip, exchanging views on hair and swapping beauty tips ready for their next make-over?

We have some of the answers.........keep watching.........and we'll let you into a few of their secrets!

O Christmas Tree

A Christmas Tree Wish...
in a shadow box sparkles with neutral colored ephemera. 
Ephemera (plural): paper items (posters, tickets), that were originally meant to be discarded after use but have since become collectibles. 

Shades of soothing cream, beige, and black along with the velvety texture of vintage wallpaper sit behind a glass frame. Can be hung on the wall, or free standing on a table.

"O Christmas Tree,  O Christmas Tree....."
A few new items are finding their way into my shop.

I am also adding a few supplies, such as paper posies, so that you can use them on your own creations. Currently Lollishops shopping cart is not working, so if you want anything from my store, just e-mail me.


Tote Bag

In honor of Natasha Burns' party, "It's All About Me" I made myself a tote bag. 

The tote bag is a heavy casual canvas, and I decided to juxtapose it with fancy bridal lace. I embellished it with a beautiful ecru bridal lace, sequined trim, beaded sheer ribbon, button hole trim, and white and off white lace that has a crocheted appearence. To sew these on the bag I used a jean material sewing needle. I also added a wonderful moirre rose.

I added my logo, "A Bit of Heaven". This bag will work great for carrying books, or my hand sewing, and embroidery. 

Be sure to visit Natasha for other links to "It's About Me".


Halloween Shadow Box

My Halloween shadow box from Natalea: http://wwww.kandeland.typepad.com.

Isn't it great? The art techniques in this piece are incredible. I love the 3D look and textures. You know with those glittery witch hats these girls are working really hard to keep the somber faces!  
The frame is brushed with beeswax. I LOVE this! It is smooth and silky and plays well against background net. 
I also LOVE the velvet bow and vintage earring.  
Thanks Natalea.


Halloween Shadow Box

"Good gracious bat woman, that's quite a frock you're wearing".

I'm back in the craft/art studio and it feels good. My first project: a Halloween shadow box I made for Natalea http://www.kandeland.typepad.com

I was drawn to this image. There's something ghoolishly elegant about it. A bat cape, ears, wings, but yet, a
ball gown bustle, and yards of fabric. I decided to layer the image to give it a 3D look. I cut out two exact images, and added a third layer which included the bat and paper gown ruffles. 

Embellishments of millinery, jewels, papers, velvet, and a glass shadow box frame were added to this art assemblage.

Natalea send me an amazing shadow box in return. I will post pictures of what I received next! The swap was organized by Vivian, who is a wonderful host.


Sheer Goodness

For those of you that were following my dining room redo and gave me suggestions on the curtains/drapes, thank you! As always, your suggestions were wonderful. 

I shopped, and shopped, and shopped because I refused to sew these window treatments, and time was running out until my mother's birthday party.  My problem is that I usually get frustrated with what's out there and end up spending way more money on fabric then I should, (nice fabric can be really expensive and I don't live by a good discount store, so sewing items actually costs more....but you get what you want, so there's a trade off).

Not. Sewing. This. Time.

The first choice (in my head) for window treatments was to find a silk or faux silk in exactly the same color blue as athe walls. Obviously this wasn't going to happen. Then I moved to white silk and I couldn't find any that I thought was 
  1. the right size
  2. worth the money (in my opinion, cause sometimes I'm cheap like that)
I was on the hunt. You might have seen me looking at the sale end caps or strolling for hours down the curtain aisles. I actually ran into a store once without makeup. Oh the shame. Desperation. I checked out the fabric store, but MADE myself leave, (I bought a diet coke and a candy bar and sat in my car until my heart quit racing- you fabric lovers KNOW what I mean). Must. Not. Sew. Not. Enough. Time. Think. Thrifty. Of course, I also searched online. 

Finally, Score

Crisp, snow white, crinkled, sheer, fresh, economical, flowing sheers are in my opinion a good choice. 
The formal dining room looks into the sunroom. I like that the view is not obstructed.  
I decided to use white wooden rods. The rods did not come in the size I needed, so I had Mr. Pink Heaven cut them to size. Since he's busy farming, I used my cordless screwdirver and slapped them up all by myself, (patience to wait for help when decorating is not my strong suit), and then, to these sleek white glossy drapery rods, I added some sheer goodness.

without sheers

with (notice the poofs are still up)

You like?
Look for those blessings today. Hope you have many.

Pillow Talk

The perfect shade of blue made this pillow a hit with me. I was beyond thrilled to have received this from Sa-Sea Boutique. How did she know?

These pillows are also from Sa-Sea. They give my kitchen- family room a hint of cream and a breath of freshness. The pillows are perfectly sewn, (straight neat seams), the crown and chandelier prints are high quality, AND the pillows are very economical. 

You provide the pillow form, hint: use that 40% off coupon. You know the one you always forget at home........

The black chandy pillow adds a little Fall elegance. Yes, Halloween decor can be elegant. 

Back to the pillow in the first picture. I put it on a chair in the sunroom. See it peeking out at you?  It worked great with the other colors in this room, and the crisp white background is refreshing. 

Product Webstore Review:   Sa-Sea Boutique has my personal stamp of approval.  

She has added some Halloween designs! Simply cover a pillow you are already using. Save $ and storage space!


The Birthday Party Part III

A party without some type of favor, how shameful.
My mother's 80th birthday had two types of favors.
  • the minty melt in your mouth comes in a little May basket look-a-like type of favor and

  • the beautiful 20 something picture of my mother on a cupcake pick topper stuck into gooey vanilla  strawberry cake with extra rich butter cream frosting type of favor, (gotta love my mom's furry collar).

CRAFT TIP:  The picture topper is an easy peasy project when you use a paper punch~

  1. Cut out two pieces of cardstock with a medium to large scalloped paper punch.

  2. Scan an old picture. I used photo gallery to make copies, and chose the contact sheet (32 on a page). It was the perfect size.Cut these out.

  3. Glue large tooth pick between the two paper punches, and glue the two papers together, (I lined up the scallops).

  4. Glue picture on top.

  5. Cut the cake, or use cupcakes and then stick in the topper!

My  100% Norwegian mother had to have a Norwegian celebration cake!

It is a series of almond flavored rings with almond frosting. To serve it, you break off little pieces of each ring. IF you ask me, it was the BEST food item at the party, and yes I said FOOD!


Ahhhhh, the Food

Can you say chocolate? 

Mint chocolate, dark chocolate, light cocoa chocolate, white chocolate, pink chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate, coconut and chocolate, butterscotch and chocolate, strawberries in chocolate, shortbread cookies in chocolate, vanilla and oreo cookie sticks dipped in chocolate and sprinkles, rice krispies and chocolate, caramel and chocolate, and candy kiss chocolate lined the table at my mother's birthday party.

The other items that weren't chocolate were pink spritz cookies, cream puffs, white and strawberry cake, and Norwegian celebration cake, (more on this later).

The best thing about all the chocolate is that it is highly caloric all the calories were taken out. Everything was yummy!

Still more food, favors, and decorations to come. On Monday, Part 3!

Have a beautiful weekend,