Holstein Chair

HE called MY chair redo a Holstein. Are you serious? Darling, have you been farming/ranching a little too much?

The joy of recovering furniture is that you can plan EXACTLY how you want it to look. Yes Dear, I planned the chair to look this way. The cushion can be either white or black, or shall we say Jersey or Angus! Which do you prefer?

This is how the arm chair looked before it was reupholstered. It was covered in golf fabric and resided in a bedroom. This chair has big sturdy arms, yards of upholstery tack, and is comfortable. The logical choice was to reupholster and reuse. Plus, reupholstering cost less then buying new AND I was able to choose the design. The side chair was moved to the main floor family room.

Remember the new chandelier. It has been hung.

Holstein? It just had to be a compliment.

Blessings, Ele