Birthday Party Part I

Grace, elegance, and pure kindness dwell within my mother. She celebrated her 80th birthday in my home with  75 friends and relatives. 

I luuuuv these tissue paper puffs. You can find them at Prost to the Host on etsy. The come flat and folded, and it's a party in itself pulling out the tissue paper pieces and foofing them up!  They are the perfect decor for a birthday celebration.

I hung turquoise and peacock blue puffs in the sunroom above the guestbook table. The peacock blue is my FAV color, but they are all flouncy, foofy and fun. 

The puffs in the dining room are white, light blue, and pale turquoise. These babies will stay up for awhile. I can't bear to take them down.

Here's a little sneak peek (above) of the food and favors. You will have to wait for Part Two!

Happy Birthday Mom!  

Blessings to all of you,