Back to School

I am the Summer Mother.
The mother that loves having the children home for the summer, and hates when school starts.
The mother most Back to School magazine articles briefly mention.
The forgotten mother.
The mother that is mislabeled as "organized, perfectionist, or has it together".

The Back to School articles are funny, humorous and somewhat amusing as Winter Mothers "lose it" from being around their children all summer. The mothers exuberantly post the countdown days until school starts, and yell "yahoo" as they drop their child off at school. The first day of school, is their favorite day of the year.

not me.
i am a sad state.
for 20 years I have sent a child(ren) off to school.
i avoid the countdown like the plague.

Yes, I am the mother that followed the bus for each child's very first day of school, (kindergarten). It was a parade of sorts. Stopping to pick up children. The bus, another car, and I, traveled in a single file line. See, I wasn't the only one. The classroom teacher (was forced to) shut the door on my face as I tried to get my child to wave to me one more time. Yeah, I've got it together.

Yes, I am the mom whining in the school supply aisle. Did you see my child holding my hand? It was for me. They get me. They reassure me that they "have" to go to school and it will be alright. My child(ren) is the one that checks and double checks the school supply list, and once we get home goes through everything a third time just to make sure he/she has what is needed. They say I'm organized, hmm?

I have sent children to school as close as 3 miles away, and as far away as Greece. Distance is not the issue. It feels the same. If my child travels by train/plane to get back to school (college), I say good bye at the front door. Mr. Heaven is their chauffeur to the airport, or train station. It's my way of handling it. They understand. Perfection? Hardly.

So, as this school year starts I say, "Summer and Winter Mothers unite." I think we should help each other the whole year. None of us are organized, perfect, or have it all together. We all just do the best we can.

Have a great 3 day weekend,