Organizational Heaven

I LOOOOOVE organizing.

I am an organizational diva wanna be. My kitchen has one drawer for metal utensils, one for plastic utensils, and one for outside barbecue utensils. Oh the joy I brought my boys (when they were much younger) as they would "plant" a plastic item in the metal drawer and wait to see how long it took me to find it!

The shirts in my closet are organized by short sleeved, long sleeved, and color, and face lotion had better not plan a visit to the eyeshadow/mascara drawer, or we will need to have a little talk. I've been known to lurk in the container/basket aisle at the store. Organizational heaven is where I want to be.

Can you imagine my joy when Jessica sent me this:

While searching flickr. I found the following lovelies:
Vintage Flair made the gorgeous organizer below. Beautiful vintage wallpaper and papers were used to make this wall hanging.

Pink Paisley incorporated vintage doilies and embroidery into this hanging organizer.

Sunny Days Here is the creator of this super cute organizer with slots specifically for markers.
I just had to share with you this organizer by Whimsy Love.The bright colors are perfect for your child's room.
There are areas in my home that are not always organized, but I will keep working on it. With items available like these, who wouldn't want to be organized!
Let me know what you think about the larger print I've been using. Do you like it, yes or no?