My Dishwasher

My dishwasher is going down the drain, (pun intended). In order for it to start, I set the dial to a precise location, and then HIP-CHECK (see definition below) that baby as hard as I can, again, and again, and again, until it starts. It's a good thing these hips have padding.

My dishwasher really doesn't fit into this decorating/creating blog, but I will justify it. Whenever I have to buy an appliance, I think about ALL THE SUPPLIES AND DECORATIVE ITEMS I COULD BUY INSTEAD. I am yelling. Sorry it won't happen again.
I hate buying appliance. I HATE BUYING APPLIANCES. I HATE BUYING APPLIANCES. Some promises are meant to be broken.
The last appliance Mr. Pink Heaven and I bought was a washer/dryer. I went to ONE store, walked past the least expensive one, and went to the next (washer/dryer) in line. "I'll take that one," I said . Mr. Pink Heaven stopped me short in my tracks, and proceeded to ask a million questions. What's to know? It's a washer/dryer. It washes. It dries. Lets go home! He walks to the most expensive washer/dryer. Somewhere in the middle of his pick and my pick we compromise, and at present our clothes are clean and dry, (if someone actually does the laundry).

I do think however that a washer/dryer is higher up on the food chain then the dishwasher. A washer/dryer can look sleek, even stylish and yes, I will admit, there are different levels of performance. I have never heard anyone say " I just love my dishwasher" and unless you have a MANual dishwasher and he's looking good, I doubt you'll ever say it. Most of the time we try to disguise our dishwasher with panels that look like cabinetry. Make. The. Dishwasher. Go. Away. Are you with me? Until a dishwasher actually puts the dishes away, I'm not buying the "pay more money for a higher lever performance" dishwasher. My dishes are sterilized and clean enough, (as long as the dishwasher runs). People have designed kitchens around great refrigerators, stoves, cooktops, and hoods, but never dishwashers. Just take a look at these beauties.

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Truth be told, even when the time comes that I need to replace my fridge or stove, I'll still head to the 2nd least expensive one, but for now, I'll keep hip-checking my dishwasher and cheering, start baby start. I don't plan on heading to the appliance store anytime soon.

Blessings, Ele

hip check (plural hip checks)
(ice hockey) a maneuver performed by an ice hockey player to take another player out of the play; a maneuver whereby the performer uses his hip to crash into another player, to check their movement.....or in my case, to start my dishwasher!