Hey Chandy, Welcome to the 21st Century

This chandelier I like.

The one below...not so much.
The chandelier with it's shiny brass finish and clear ribbed glass globes was purchased by me, (while wearing stretchy turquoise stirrup pants, and a glittery gold, turquoise, and orange flowered over- sized T-shirt). The little somethin' somethin' that put the spring in my step and gave me confidence to buy this piece of reflective goodness? Matching turquoise flat shoes. Can we say 1980's? Ouch.

Would you believe this is the same chandelier? The transformation started with a can of Rustoleum black hammered spray paint. The Rustoleum people should be sending checks my way, but they are not. This spray paint says it does not need primer, but I noticed that due to the slick brass finish it is not scratch free. Not a lot of wear after it's hung on the ceiling, so no worries. I replaced the ribbed glass with frosted very inexpensive glass globes. Sometimes, I'm just cheap like that and not paying a lot, works for me. Hey chandy, welcome to the 21st Century.

I have the perfect spot for this updated beauty. Stay tuned!

Blessings, Ele

PS: Thanks to all my followers and those of you who are sweet enough to leave me comments.