Chandelier Crystals

It's my mother's fault, really. There are genes in my family for crystal, and chocolate.
The following experiments show scientific proof:
  • Place two food items in front of said mother, (make sure one is chocolate). Chocolate will be immediately picked up and transferred from hand to mouth. This experiment has been conducted thousands of times with many variables. Different food items, and even change of environment does not yield different results. Chocolate is always the food of choice.

  • Take said mother to a store that is new to her, and she will head right to the crystal department. The woman can "smell" her way straight to the Waterford. Again, this experiment has been conducted over and over....same results.

  • Gifts of chocolate or crystal given to my mother produce squeals of delight, (if you want proof I'm sure there's a video recording somewhere!).

So, it's really not my fault that the new chandelier I picked out for my family room looks like this:

Crystal prisms are usually associated with white chandeliers in the shabby chic style. Traditional gold chandeliers look gorgeous draped in crystal prisms. I chose a black rod iron chandelier because my Asian cabinet is black. Even though the chandelier and cabinet are not the same style, the black ties them together. Remember when mixing styles, make sure the pieces have at least one thing in common. In this case, the color black.

The crystal drops satisfy "the gene". Thanks mom! Decorating with crystal prisms doesn't have to be expensive. Prisms hung from a simple candle holder look great. This chandelier isn't actually up yet, as Mr. Pink Heaven will have to hard wire it for me. I can't wait to see what it looks like when it actually lights up!

For now, I'll just stare at the prism bling while I eat my chocolate.
Blessings, Ele