As Blue as the Sky

"Hello Table, you're looking blue today, but I must say it looks good on you. Did a piece of sky fall on you and douse you with it's magnificent blueness?"

"Oh chair, you must have walked through the flower garden. You are kissed with blossoms."

"I must say, you two look good together. It was almost as if you were made for each other."

An Inexpensive Project With a Great Look
CRAFT TIP: Give 2nd hand furniture new life with spray paint. Furniture can be acquired for a song at thrift stores/rummage sales. You might even have a willing participant in your garage. If your piece is raw or stained wood and you want the piece to last awhile, first spray on a coat of Kilz spray paint. This will keep knots from bleeding through the paint. My little table had already been painted, so a coat of Gloss Sky Blue was all it needed. I masked off the legs and they were spray painted black.
A great feature of this table is that it comes with a tray-like top. My plan is to have a piece of glass cut that will fit on top of the groove, (see close up of picture below). I can put pictures on the top of the table and place the glass tray on top. Any other ideas?

I also gave my patio furniture, (eeeeek) a well needed fresh coat of paint.

Looks much better.
For this project, I used hammered paint. It gives the metal patio furniture a textured look that I like.
Remember when using spray paint, use fast even strokes. If you stay in one spot too long, you will end up with runs and drips.
Blessings, Ele