CSN Stores Rug Review

Honestly, I didn't mean to leave you in blog-space. I meant to post sooner, but it has been a busy and wonderful summer. Where have I been?

Yale Commencement in CT
tons of tennis
Taylor Swift Concert,ND State Fair

Thanks for all the great suggestions on the rug. I ended up going with a rug that I hadn't pictured for all of you. The main reason I went with this particular rug is that it is an indoor/outdoor rug and can be washed by hosing it down. With two dogs, (and will be getting another one in two weeks!), being able to easily clean the rug is a must. Another reason is that the rug is black and cream and can be easily used in the new sun room, (stay tuned).

I was THRILLED when I received the rug. It came wrapped in plastic, and safely packaged. The texture, feel, weaving- all perfect. I think it works well in the kitchen dining room and adds to the eclectic feel of my home. If you need a rug, I suggest you visit CSNRugs.com.

Update: I've chosen white textured sheers for the formal dining room. I'll have pics up soon!
I hope all of you have had a great summer.